Melawat Blog Yg Bersawang

Ok, dah lama sangat tak update blog ni.
Mungkin sibuk, atau mungkin takde idea dah nak update apa.
Rasa macam nak delete blog,
Tapi sayang pada post2 yang lalu.

Maybe this is the last post in this blog.
I'm just keeping the blog for my own future reference.
But maybe one day I'll make a new one.


Tested (:

Most of us know, AS/A Level results was out last Thursday,
All praise to Allah, I was given what I dreamed of. Alhamdulillah.

That day,
Most of us smiled a lot,
But behind some of those smiles,
They hid tears to stay strong.
Even if I try to calm them down,
Some may say,
"You don't know how we feel".

The next day, was IELTS results, for us who did it in July.
All praise to Allah, I got a good band.
But my writing component wasn't good enough.

That moment,
I cried,
It wasn't that easy to accept,
Maybe now I know how it felt.

I realise that everything was a test from Allah,
Both the nikmat and the musibah.
Both tested me on my faith in Allah, my dependence to Allah.
Whether I remember that I should thank Allah,
And whether I remember that Allah knows best.
Everything that happens, happened because He allowed it to take place.
No wonder people always say,
The best weapon a muslim own is DOA,
Because one day Allah will grant it. (:

"Only those who are strong enough to bear the test, are tested"
I should be grateful that I am one of them.

One thing for sure,
As long as I remember,
That Allah is always near,
I'll be okay.

Thanks Allah,
I have You, a great family, and awesome friends. (:
Allah is so sweet, he tested us because He love us and He help us go through the test.

With that,
Everything just got so much easier.

Losing Grip

Once you may feel so happy,
Life was perfect cause you can feel it,
That He was everywhere with you.

The busy world fools you,
Pulls you away from Him,
And all you do is let it be?

Lemahnya manusia,
Tapi tak mengapa,
Selagi hati mengingati Dia,
Jangan kita berputus asa.

That you, is me.
Now I'mma search for it back,
Cause life's empty without faith.

May Allah be with us! (:


Look around. People are changing.
The quiet talks more now.
The short grew taller.
The kid now mature.
The child now a stranger.

PARENTS. They went through a lot just to raise us.
And naturally, knowing it or not, sometimes we make it harder.
We started off clinging on to them, very close.
We cried if they leave us or let us go.
Then we met our friends at school,
So we play more with friends than them.
We grow older and lock ourselves in our rooms,
or nowadays we block them from our facebook, privacy we say.
Then we went through love and breakups,
And we tell them not a single thing.
Leaving them clueless.
Then we wanted a driving license,
So we asked for their money to get one,
And when we've had it,
We drive anywhere we want, anytime,
Leaving home more often while our parents secretly pray,
Ohh please bring my child back home.

Keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibu bapa,
Kemurkaan Allah terletak pada kemurkaan ibu bapa.
[Hadis Sahih]

Do we still remember them?
Or are we now sinking in the pleasures of the world,
Forgetting that there is one thing that's important.
Taat kepada ibu bapa, selagi tidak melibatkan maksiat.
Jangan biarkan mereka bersedih kerana kita.

"Dan setiap umat mempunyai ajal dan batas waktu.
Apabila ajalnya tiba, mereka tidak dapat meminta penangguhan
atau percepatan sesaat pun."

Do we want to wait until it's too late?
For we know not when we will leave this world.

My papa always say,
"Come back to basics,"
And for me, that means come back to where we come from;
Allah, our creator. And Family.
Ya Allah, please guide me.

Beruntungnya kita masih ada ibu bapa,
Sangat ruginya kalau kita lupa kewujudan mereka.
Minta dijauhi.

Devil Wears Prada

Everything you watch or see or read or observe,
You can learn from it.
Bring back the good stuff to ponder upon.
Leave out the unnecessary.

So, from Devil Wears Prada,
i know it's an old movie but we've just re-watched it during IELTS

In life, you always always always have a choice.
and that choice is yours to make.
If you think you've said too much of "but, i dont have a choice!"
You were wrong. You do.
So, make the right choices.

True, there might be a phase, where you just couldn't see.
But pray that you'll always be guided,
So that eventually you will.

Have we been making the right choices?

Think about it.

May we have chosen the right way of life
as we have been given the chance to be part of it.

Let's Get Rewarded! :D

I was watching a video and was inspired by a story told in the video. (:

“There was a guy who was very poor, and one day he felt very sad for he had no food to feed his wife and son. So he went to the mosque and cried so bad. The imam of the mosque saw him and knew his troubles, so he brought him to a river, and asked him to perform a 2 rakaat prayer, and then in the name of Allah, throw his net into the river.

With Allah the Almighty’s power, he caught a big fish. So he went to the market to sell it, and bought a loaf of bread to bring home to his family. He was very happy then, but on his way home, he saw a mother and her son who was starving, just like his own wife and son at home. He suddenly looked at them like his own wife and son, and so he gave the loaf of bread to them. The little boy smiled, while the mother cried.

The guy went home, with nothing for his family. But then someone knocked on his door and asked for him. They gave him money and told him that it was his late father’s money, which they borrowed when he was alive. So that guy praised Allah that he could now feed his family, and he became rich that he could give 1000 dinar at a time for charity.

One night, he dreamt of Hari Kiamat. Where his name was called, and his deeds was counted. His evil doings weighs so much heavier than his good deeds which weighted like a bundle of cottons, it turned out to be that his charities wasn’t sincere so it was worth so little.

Then the angels asked him, do you have anything else to offer. It turned out that the only thing he could offer was the little loaf of bread he gave to the mother and her son, and that small deed made his good deeds weigh so much more, but it still wasn’t enough.

Then he was asked again, do you have anything else to offer? It turned out that what is left is the little boy’s smile, which made his good deeds and evil doings balanced.

Then he was asked again, do you have anything else to offer? It turned out that the mother’s tears are as heavy as an ocean of tears and so his good deeds outweigh his evil doings.

And then he was told that he was saved from the suffering of the Hell. At that moment, he thanked Allah swt The Rewarder for rewarding him with the loaf of bread and for saving him from the Hell-fire.”


Allah will reward our good deeds even if it is so small as small as half a date or a weight of an atom. That little deed he did outweighs thousands of dinar he gave away for charity. So why do we seek for reward from human being, when He promised reward for even the smallest thing we do?

Mathematically, we know that any number in ratio with an infinite number approaches zero. Whatever happiness that we get now, whatever wealth that we own, whatever reward that people award us, whatever love, money, bungalows or Ferrari, in ratio to Allah’s Paradise that He promised to reward us with, is zero. Because what Allah give is so much than we can ever imagine.

So give, sincerely, and Allah The Rewarder will reward us.

Sometimes while doing good deeds to increase our rewards we may commit a sin or we have committed many before and so sometimes we doubt that Allah will appreciate our good deeds. But remember that Allah is Forgiving, Appreciative. Rest assured that he will forgive and appreciate your good deeds. So seek for His forgiveness and do good deeds in the name of Allah.

What are you waiting for? Let's get rewarded! :D

Inspired by the video;

Allah is Al Shakour,

Ever-Thankful and The Supreme Rewarder.

Dilemma Again

I'm in a dilemma.
So what to do?
I talked to my close friends.
But I'm sooo grateful to have friends who are able to console me,
But in the same time, they say,
Go istikharah.

Who knows better than Him?
No one.

Jadi kalau pening kepala,
Mengadu lah kat Dia.

Thank you my friends for reminding me.

Allah please show me the way.