Manifestos - Me - What's Next?

I consider myself average. Frankly, know little about the world.
But now, I should thank my friends; seniors, batchmates, bloggers,
For they have made me realise how important it is to stay updated,
And it isn't that hard anyway. I just have to be interested. And take initiative.

Where is all this suddenly coming from?
Manifesto Night.
I saw great characters in most of the candidates..
And they made me believe, not just in myself, but in the future.
If one can be great, why can't I?
They light up hope in me that the world is going to be a better place one day.
They faced intimidating questions with patience and confidence.
AND, some stood by their principle like a rock, ain't nothing shaking 'em.

I admire the courage and maturity that these people have,
and wondered, do I have them?
Cause it's very very crucial, that
1) we are able to express our concerns
2) we are able to think maturely to solve them

And this is in relation to the topic of discussion in IELTS class,
How are we going to save the world?
Because apparently, the world is falling apart. The system is not working.
And like it or not, we are the one carrying the huge responsibility,

As my IELTS teacher said,
"My generation has obviously given up.
And it's up to your generation to clean up our mess.
Or, your kids won't have a world to live in."

Start thinking carefully about this, about the social gap, about the environment, about the capitalism system, current politics, corruptions, wars....

And religion. Islam.

Because 10 years from now insyaAllah,
we can't just sit back and see the world collapse.
Do something useful before time's up.

And that includes changing ourselves.
Hey, change is tough.
But only through darkness that we might see light again
- Slavoj Zizek

Man can always plan and try,
But the rest is up to Him.
So why do nothing?