see. they're just perfect.

Woke up this morning to mama's voice at the dining table with nenek. Like grandma, like ma, like me. Noisy. (: Then I thought about Pa, who's now miles away in Vegas. The all time cool guy. He never worry, always calm. How in contrast Pa is to Ma. But they still love each other sooooo much. Yet they're different.

Then, we talked. About a lot of things, while Ma packs her bags, getting ready to go to Washington today. Ma talked about Yaya and Nana, and how Nana said she shouldn't put pressure on her kids. And Ma said, "and what will happen to all of you without the pressure? without MY pressure?". True. because Pa NEVER pressure us. Pa pamper us I guess. He's strict in his own way. But he pampers me, that I know. x)

If I'm scared for my exam is tomorrow. Call;
Ma : Dah study semua kan? Huh? Belum. Ok, study dulu. Do your best, check your answers. Jangan careless kay?

Pa : Relax...... Go get some sleep. You'll do fine. I did the same years ago. :D

THAT different. Haha.
But those differences, raised us into who we are today.
And I'm proud of me. So I'm proud of them.

Together, they're perfect.

Balanced. That's it.
All they did was the best for us.
Allahuakbar, He knows the best.
Alhamdulillah, that best was what I get.

Nobody is perfect. But together, we could be.


This is very very very disappointing.
How could they do this?
It wouldn't be the same without the seniors.
No fun lah. )':
I know the seniors must be sadder than I am.
But the hurt is there.

Dah semangat gila kot nak Bangsawan.
Pastu gi postpone pulak.
Plus, sape nak pening2 pasal Bangsawan before AS and A2.
It's suppose to be over by that time.
But not this time.
And waktu tu juniors baru masuk.
Mana paham house spirit sume lagi.
This is really really sad.
Why oh why did they do this?

The date rings a bell. It's okay, I'll be there.

Life is a Test

Humans are forgetful,
Human, yea, that's me.
Specially created.
As khalifah, as abid.

That I knew,
Why I'm here.
But have I done enough?
Is it enough to just, know?

I'm human.

So you came.
To remind me.
But you're just like me.
Human, need to be reminded.

I'm sorry.
But do you remember?
That I'm a girl.

Wanita adalah ujian terbesar dunia.

Semangat Pudar

November SAT Scores Available Online Now!

: asyiqahmh
: *********

Your SAT Scores.......

It's okay. You'll do better next time.
Rest for now. Get well. Then, think about what to do.
Susah2 sangat, pegi UK je lah Syiqa.

Ya Allah,
Berikanlah aku kekuatan.
Sesungguhnya aku butuh bantuanMu.

Kenapa awak menangis?


Last week of school. I've planned to do so many things in this last few days. Wanna make the last week of my first sem fun! So on friday, I went to KL for CSR with Yayasan Khazanah. But the night before, I had a terrible stomach ache. Went to Klinik Tg Malim. But the doctor is not good. So, friday night, Suffian drove me and Nadia to Damansara Specialist Hospital. Bla bla bla bla.....


Surgery on saturday and MC for the whole week. Ohh dear, I'm so bored. But what can I do.

To those who visited, including my close friends, Megat, Nadia, Suffian, Yew Wing and Muzakkir and his sis, I really really appreciate it. You guys are the best. We will have more fun when all this pain is over k.

Sincerely, I love you guys.

Me, 22Nov2010
Damansara Specialist Hospital

happy birthday my soul sister. sorry i can't be there.

Kid Again

Princess. Heheh. Comel kan comel kan?
Ni tade keje namenye. :D

Many had said to me, "Rose, grow up la!". That made me thought, "Am I too childish?". Well, I agree, we have to grow up, many decision have to be made everyday.

2 years old;
"Ma.. I'm a princess!"
I wanted to be a princess.
Live in a castle happily ever after with her prince.
What's a princess?
She's that pretty happy girl in that castle.

I'm 18 years 5 months and 8 days;
What's your major?
Actuarial Science.
What's that?
Actuarial Science is .......... lengthy explaination
Ohh. Oh. Emm. Ok. Why? Where? Why there? Bla Bla Bla?

Isn't that tiring?
Obviously, it is.

I still wanna be a princess. (:
I liked it when I was a kid
I've grown up now. I do think like a grown up. seriously owh
I just want a break, to feel like I'm a kid again.
Is that wrong?

I know I have responsibilities,
as a muslim, as a child,
as a sister, as a human being.

But pretty please,
let me be me. :D


I liked the creative fair.
I had so much fun. :D

I needed a break. So did you. Those paintings were awesome.


Woww. It has been a long long time since my last post. Internet connection in KY has not been good. So I couldn’t update my blog at the chalet. Anyway, a lot have happened. That includes SAT (ohh don’t ask me how it was :/) a book (a good one from a friend)  and people (you just can’t get away with it. People, we’re everywhere!).


After my SAT, I had a great time with my family. Well, obviously they tried to cheer me up. Turn out no good however. Because the very next day, I’m back in KY. You know this feeling, when I’m out of KY I want to be in KY so much. The minute I’m approaching tol Lembah Beringin, I want to cry as much. Then how la? Park the car in the middle. Heheh.


A book. It’s called VERSUS by the way. A malay novel. A normal storyline I guess. Not too thick. But I shall say that it reminds me of things about my life and my religion. And it gives me hope. No, not gives me, but, it reminds me, that I had this hope. This faith. And that I still have it. Like what’s written in the book, “untuk awak yang ingin berubah”. If that’s you then, give it a go. (:


People. People. People. A few notes I received from people this few weeks.

*Let you go. Totally let you go, if that’s what you want. Cause it’ll just hurt to not do that. Plus, pray for the best for you. InsyaAllah, things will be good for both of us.

*You’ve got a point there. Yeah, accept a person as someone new, not someone from the past. That made me think. Yeap it did. But will you do the same? Maybe we’ll soon find out. Maybe.

*Do not be in the same group with guys, I’ll end up doing the whole presentation slides on my own. But the presentation overall was good, guys. Thanks. :D

*Be yourself. Just be yourself. I’m sure people would like you for who you really are. Be in the moment. They’ll accept you, just the way I do.

*It’s hard to be a perfectionist, true. But if the satisfaction totally outweighs the hard work, I’ll be a perfectionist anyway. (:

*Don’t be afraid to make a change. Laugh together if people is laughing at you. As long as you know, that you are doing what is right.

I always need my reminder. Always.


Off for now. More to come soon, insyaAllah.