News from Lembah Beringin

Orientation week has been a hectic one. So I don't quite have much time for blogging. Though I could say that the internet connection is not so sucky here. Anyway, I wake up at 5.50 everyday and sleep around 12 something, and that is right after all the activities end. So, this would be my first KY post.

Surprisingly, I took lotsa time to adapt to this place. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I am missing home and family. And I am trying real hard to adapt. Well, I guess that was because the orientation started off quite frustratingly sucky. But now, I'm happy to say that I am fine and better.

Friends here are cool. It's amazing how different people are. Everybody has a different character. So I'm still trying to get use with the crowd. I guess that's going on pretty great.

Sports was damn fun. Well, yeah, I do love sports. So I like it. It's like my only way to release stress here. But I don't know what will happen when classes starts. If we will have anymore time to play games. and if there's anybody willing to play together.

We are now busy preparing for two events fully handled by us, the Batch 13. I am enjoying the pressure and busyness. But I do miss home a lot. But I guess with friends here, they never failed making me happy. I've not been so hyper with my new friends like I am with my other friends. Still taking some time before being who I really am. Plus, orientation is tiring. =.=

Well, KY food is damn good and free. So I think I may gain some weight. :0 And that is if I finally decided to give up on sports here. And the chalet is very comfortable for me. And my chalet mates are all awesome people. I love being in Sapphire House. And the seniors are cool too. There are a few seniors that I find a little bit afraid to talk to. But maybe it's still early. I'll get over it.

Other than that, life is cool. Everybody is soooo good here. Not much of nerds. Yeah, no nerds at all. But everyone has great communication skills. I'm trying to keep up. And everyone is fun fun fun! :D

I'll adapt totally soon. And when that time comes. Imma enjoy this place to the fullest! (: That's all for now. Adios.

Pack Pack the Bag Bag !

After a hell enjoyable many days of shopping and two damn days of tiring packing, tadaaaa. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go! :D I'm going to Rawang tonight. Pa said will be sleeping over at a small hotel. So we could arrive on time for registration. I miss my friends and I'm excited to meet my to-be-friends. I hope all will go well. So, here's my packing results. :D

the teddy must must follow. the guitar tak sure lah. it's still upstairs. i'm a new learner. segan lah nak bawak. xP i hope this wont be too much of stuffs. :D

I hope KY won't be so bad. InsyaAllah.

Oh My Godd ! :D

Finally, it's time to go.
*nak nangis. gonna miss home like sooo soo muchos.
Still not done with packing.
And my stuff doesnt fit my big bag. So I'll have moreee bagsss. :D
I'm excited to learn but but but,
Dang it I had orientations.
I'm freakin out about being a junior again.
Hahh. But I do wish everything will go if not superbly well, atleast well. :D
So, KY peeps, see ya. And home, Imma miss you like hell.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

People love to judge and criticize. It's easy.
Sometimes you look at other people.
And you feel that you're much better.
And the world is all about you.

Guess what? You're dreaming. So wake up.

You may think you're great.
If you are now, some time ago you weren't.
You've changed. I've changed. People will change too.

You may talk as you wish.
But not all your words are right.
Sometimes, you just don't have the right to judge.

Look at the mirror, know you. Then talk.
Maybe then you'll speak some sense.

Reality Check

Been away from home for two weeks.
All those Khazanah programmes.
Gosh, getting their money aint that easy.
I forgot how to blog. It has been a long time since the last one.
So, Imma crap like nobody cares.
Read through it. It might be uncrappy.

The Fun Stuff We Had

Karok. Play pool. Go spa. Comfy hotel room. Great food!

The Serious Stuff I Enjoyed

Discovering who I am. Kokology. Chasing my dream. Sharing session with Mr Wahab. Federal Constituition. Understanding GLC.

Some Stuff I'd Love to Share

John Godart : World's Greatest Dream Achiever
You need to know what you have, to know what you can do.
Stop creating masks, show yourself.
Stand for what you think is right.
Our life is so monotonous; put them in graphs, we are dead.
DISC profiling.
To most of us, the spirit is willing but the body is weak.
You have a lot of conversation inside you. Know them.
Visualize your dream, as though you're already there.
The 3 F : Focus, Flexible, Fast.

The supremecy of the constitution.
We have fundamental liberties. Go check the constitution.
We don't exercise our rights enough.
Politics means gaining power and influence.
There are politics in our education.
There are no such thing as sensitive issues, only sensitive people.
Make a stand, voice out your opinions. Decide.
Start thinking about our country.
We are the future leaders. Trust me, it's no joke.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Rule of Law, not Rule by Law.
Audi Alterem Partem. Here the other side.
No man can be a judge of his own course.
Film called "Gadoh". Watch it. Understand it. It's reality.

Well, that's the summary of some things I've got.
Only some though. It was a great course.
Try reading the Federal Constitution. It's not crap.

To end it up,
Dudes, the future lies in our hands.
Are we on the right track?