ATTN: Math Lovers.

I found this link from my friend's FB;

So I copied it here to share with more Math Lovers.

It's fairly easy to multiply two numbers that are close to the same multiple of 10.

The algorithm for doing it is called “Nikhilam Navatascaramam Dasata.” It is part of a system of algorithms and mnemonics to remember them, collectively known as “Vedic Math”, that was developed by Jagadguru Swami Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj in the early 20th century.

The easiest way to explain the algorithm is to give examples, and explain the algorithm along the way.

First find a suitable “base”. Since 7 and 8 are both close to 10, we'll use 10. Write the difference between the numbers to be muliplied, and the base, off to the right:

Multiply the differences. -3 x -2 = 6. We need as many total digits as we have zeros in our base (1); if we didn't have enough, we would need to pad with leading zeroes, but that's not a problem because we have one digit and that's all we need. Write it on the right side of the answer:

Now add the difference between the one number to be multiplied and 10, to the other number to be multiplied. Pick either combination, because you will get the same result

Put the result on the left side of the answer:

Now let's try it with significantly bigger numbers, to see why this is such an advantage.

Since both numbers are close to 100, we will use 100 as our base. Write the difference between the numbers to be muliplied, and the base, off to the right. Because 100 has two zeroes, we need two digits on the right hand side.

The 87 comes from either 89 + (-2), or 98 + (-11). The 22 comes from (-2) x (-11). You can do this problem in your head. Let's try another one, to show when you need to pad the right side with leading zeroes:

The 95 comes from either 97 + (-2) or 98 + (-3). The 06 comes from (-2) x (-3). We need to pad it with a zero, because the base is 100 so we need two digits on the right-hand side.

Let's try an example where the numbers to be multiplied are a little bigger than a multiple of 10:

The 107 comes from either 102 + 5 or 105 + 2. The 10 comes from 5 x 2 (the product of the differences on the right).

Let's try another example where the numbers to be multiplied are on either side of a multiple of 10:

Uh oh, we have a negative on the right! Add it to the left hand side:

Let's try bigger numbers.

993 = 995 + (-2) OR 993 = 998 + (-5). 010 comes from (-5) x (-2) = 10, then padded with one leading zero because we need 3 digits because our base is 1000.

The method also works with multiples of powers of 10:

because we had to multiply 10 by 2 to get to the base, we need to multiply the LEFT SIDE ONLY of the answer by 2

Coolio huh? Math is just so fun! =)

YTN Scholarship

To those who applied, go to the webpage, the interview list is out. 
And, goodluck!

p/s: not in the list. =(


thats what im feelin.
idk why.

cried and smiled.

JPJ test;
parking - pass
on the road - failed. yea, failed. =(

SPM results;
not as i hoped, but alhamdulillah, it was okay.

p/s: thanx to cikgu omar, cikgu daud, mdm felda, mr george, mr abu, mr tan, mr cha'a, mr chen, ustaz damin, mr rama, cikgu herod, and cikgu yusuf baba.

and thanx ma, pa and family.
happy to make u proud. =)

whatever it is, 
SPM is not the end, 
it is just the beginning.
so friends, don't stop here.

Nervous Breakdown

Just came back from my last driving lesson. Hopefully. Haih. The circuit part was already a piece of cake to me. Haha. 

Guess what?

The car infront me was a new learner i think, I wanted to do parking, he was waiting for his turn for the 3 point turn. He moved, so I moved forward while looking at my side window, to look at one of the tiang

Suddenly, BANG! *brake* 

Ooops! Haha. I hit the car in front. He brake so far away from the garisan putih before the 3 point turn until theres not enough space for me to do my parking. Haih. It was an agent's car, and the plat number broke. Huu. Not my fault. But I met that agent, he said, meet me tomorrow. Haha. harap2 takde pape la.

Well, on the road was when I almost breakdown. 3 weeks had past before my last lesson, so I was kinda nervous. The teacher pulak so discouraging and not friendly. Haihh. Then, he said;

"kalau macam ni, tak lulus la awak esok."


I almost cried after leaving the car, but my ego said, don't cry. Hmm.

JPJ test, please don't fail. 'Cause I am sacrificing precious time with my friends at school to get my lisence. 

Hoping everything will end up fine. 
Please, please, please.

STF and Confusion. Haha.

Cikgu RZ sms-ed me. Said she'll be in JB because they had to attend a Kursus Kepimpinan Head Prefects. I wanted to join since dah lama tak meet up with school mate and Cikgu Rz and Cikgu Herod. She said, at STF, 8.30 until 10.30.

So, papa send me to STF, suddenly, nampak many students walking out from Dewan Melati kot. kalau tak silap, i can't remember. Papa pon, confusion confusion. I pon, confusion confusion. Rupanya they changed their venue to Persada JB. So I went there. The forum was quite interesting. But I went off early since it's so near to CS! xP Adol came, so we walked together to CS. Wahh, dekatnye!

At CS, went to cinema. takde plak cite best. We went out and ate at Mamak Stall. lapar kott. Then, back to actual plan, we wanted to go to the library, yea, at Larkin. Nak saving, we catch a bus, after 20 min. cari bus sbb tktau bus g Larkin stop katne. -.-" 

Arriving Larkin Bus Station, we had another problem, we didn't know which way to go to library. Haiyaa. Then pusing here and there, we finally went the right way. Waktu ni peluh sudah membasahi diri. Finally, we arrive at the library! Yeehaa! Until 2.30, we went back to Larkin and took a bus home.

Today's journey cost me; RM 10 only = Rm7 makan belanja adol skali + RM3 tambang pegi balik. 

Saving saving! =)


every SPM09 candy will be talking about results ryt now.
m soooo worried.
how how how?

called driving class punye office yesterday.
"rabu baru list JPJ klua dik"
"ohh time kasih kak"   "-.- lambatnyee.
how to decide like this.
why la JPJ test on 11/3 jugak.
why why why?

i think this wednesday nyt, it'll be damn hard to sleep.
so scared la.

hopefully all will meet my expectation. amin~

KL Again..

Monday, 010310;

Papa drove me to KL again. Papa for work. Me for the interview. 

the sunset was beautiful, but too fast couldn't capture.

Tuesday, 020310;

MNRB Scholarship Interview
Frankly, it wasn't an interview I enjoy.
- What's your study plan?
- Can you do diploma first, because we don't want to waste our money if you can't make it. Actuarial Science is a hard course. (What?? "-_-)
- Do you think we are doing the right thing, I mean to ask you to do locally first? How does other scholarship bodies do it?

That's all i guess. Wasn't an interesting one.

Wednesday, 030310;

Khazanah Scholarship Final Stage Interview
In short, laughing all the way!
Really, they didn't even spoke fully English! But I did though, I think so. But we all spoke casually.
There were seven of us; Me, Nadia, Liong, Suffian, Irsyad, Megat and Sabrina.
-What your dad do?
-What do you want to do?
-Did you regret going into KYS?
-Don't you wanna go to UTM? (My parents are lecturers there)
-What are you doing at home? ...... Driving lessons? Will you be getting a car?
-Do you think your SPM results will turn out good?

That's about it I guess. The panel were Tan Sri Tajuddin Ali; Board Rep of Khazanah, Ms. Shahnaz; Director of Human Capital Division in Khazanah, and again, Dr Ikhmal.
They were all super duper friendly! 
Great experience, no regrets, now just pray.

Weekend in KL! Part 2.

CAUTION!: you might starve, again. x)

It was an advance birthday celebration and a belated lunch! Haha. It was almost 4 pm!

We went to KLCC to buy some birthday present for my lil brother Arash. =) He's 8!!!

He's afraight of heights. Heheh.

Then, we went to.......

mama's fav restaurant~

my family. =)

the foooooood!
order: triple-play, fajitas, BBQ ribs

look at my face  ^
drinking mamas tomato juice + tabasco sauce + pepper

After the great meal, we headed back to JB, while my elder sis, Nana, went back to UTP.
Goodbye KL, till we meet again, the next day. Haha.

Weekend in KL! Part 1.

CAUTION!: This post might make you starve.

Basically, the best part of my weekend in KL was the foooood!

We stayed at Legend Hotel. That night, Papa went to his SAS Alumni Gathering. So we had buffet at the hotel instead. Yum yum yum! The food was GREAT!!! PERFECTO! WALLA! Hahaha. Let's see what i ate that night......

started with a plate fulllll of mouth-watering fooood..
contents: fish with butter sauce, oysters with cheese, crab, prawns, vegies, sum rice..=)

next, baked salmon with black pepper sauce and cooked salmon. mmmhhh..yummy!

next, sushis!!! lotsa sushi..=)

then, some dessert...=)

and desert...

and ofcourse, ice creammmm!!!

Haha. I ate a lot more actually. But forgot to take pictures. That's all for that night.

At 11 pm, I went to Downtown with my sis, bought a shirt, and went back to hotel at 2 am...



Going to Sunway? 
Going to Sunway with friends? 

I took a bus from JB to Seremban on my own a day before. Spending the night at rumah nenek. Can't wait to be there!! Btw, was so happy to see nenek. Lama tak jumpa kott. =)

on the bus to Seremban.

The next day, pagi2 lagi i woke up. Heheh. Excited! Since I'm going by KTM from Seremban, I had to go early. I took a train at 8 am. Hoping to reach KL Sentral by 9.45am. But then...... The train stopped at Serdang and had technical difficulties. Haihhh. So I waited at Serdang, for my besties; Leela and Wana, and they were late! We missed three trains! Haha. Took a train at 9.37am to KL Sentral!

waiting at Serdang KTM Station.

We finally arrive at Subang Jaya Station at 10 sumtin and took the crooked Mini Bus to Sunway. Hahaha.

There were 10 of us; Me, Leela, Wana, Chix, Zatie, Boe, Cawat, Eyen, Kapee and Jani.
Sorry, no pics of splashing! Coz we locked our gadgets and had fun, fun, fun!!!!!

I wanna personally thank Izzati Aziz sebab her dad belanja us d ticket, we only paid RM10.
It was a damn good day! And I terpaksa stay at my aunt's house that night cause it's too late to take a train back to Seremban. Haha. Thank God there's Aunty Nyanya!

Well, a day out with them was the best day out ever! I love all of you! Muahx!

the girls after the fun!

March Heroes

it was Arash's birthday!!!! 
but i wasn't home...=(
i lo00oovee my lil bro sgt3!
and he's 8 now..
waaa....s0 big alrdy..
hope u'll neva forget me bro..

my Papa punye bdayy pulak..
he is d bestest dad in the whole wide galaxayyyy!
=D criusly..
gettin older yet gettin better pa.
u don't look old at all..=)
love u pa, happy bday!

ur chubby baby.

Final Battle

im goin to KL again today.
for my final battle.
hoping for the best, God Willing.
pray for me. =)