Can't Wait!!


the time ive been waiting for!! Wanna meet my friends at sunwayyy babe! Huu...miss them soo much. Don't think i'll bring my lappy along, so, I'll update my blog after the holz, hopefuly..haha..


Lillahi Ta'ala

Empty. Have you ever felt that way? Being home, no schedules, no rules. I started to feel bored. But suddenly, there's a soft knock at my heart and mind, that made me look back, and think, about how I can never be free from making mistakes. I started searching the internet, for reading materials that could make me feel better.

And so I found this blog > Mutiara Hati.

The posts are good.
It reminds me,
though life is full of fun and joy,
busy to climb the ladder of success;
Never forget the reason you're alive.
Lillahi Ta'ala.

Feeling The Same, Jessy =)

I read Jessy's blog, about how much she misses us. And I though, yeah, I feel the same. So, here it goes.


adek really miss how we can easily spend time together at kolej. how i cud just cry my heart out whenever i need you. and how simple it was cause i didn't have to tell you wen i was upset, u just know. and i missed our super fun time practising for performances. and how we used to fight over small stuff. then, we will be okay after just a while cause i will pujuk, cause only i can tahan with all ur perangai. haha. well, ur so far away now. i just want you to know i miss you a lot, abg. really.

it has been a long time since i last spoke to you. i remembered calling you, crying. and you reminded me that i have to focus on spm. =) yes, ur d study type kakak. heheh. but thats gud advice. and i did make it through. i actually remember how close we were, and then we kinda drift apart. u and ur responsibilities, and me growing up with a lot nonsense. but i do miss all that sis. wish to meet you soon. =)

u use to be really close. i meant just a few steps away before i can annoy u with my stories. haha. how u will always say, rose, jgn pk sgt ape org rase, kite kena pk diri sendiri jugak. haha. how u were always there for me at wutever time. how u will be by my side at my ups and downs. how we used to menggile at the field! haha. how i thought u how to swim, and u did it! heheh. u understand me at an instant cause we always feel the same way. and how we can just glance at each other, and laugh cause we know, we are both annoyed at that time, without having to say a word! haha. well wana, i hope we'll meet soon. btw, my stuff are still at ur house. =D

i rather speak malay with this gurlie. haha. aku sgt2 rindu kegilaan kau especially bile kau slalu ckp, "aku tau kau syg aku kn rose?" haha. aku nk deny tp aku tak reti tpu. so ckp je la, "ye..aku syg kau". haha. kau la kawan yg akan bg tau aku baek n buruk. bg kau, yg penting, kau ikhlas nk tlg aku. walaupun kau nye hati laen ngn aku, kau tetap memahami aku. sayang gile ah kau. dengan zaman2 netball yg sgt best. and outing yg aku tak penah jalan ngn org laen. haha. and bile kau teman aku shopping. haha. harap2 dpt jumpe kt sunway nnt k?

i can't deny that i really2 miss you. i'm the eldest at home now, with a really fragile, sensitive heart. sometimes i feel so stressed up, and i can't let my adek see me cry. so i have to hide under the pillow to cry my heart out. not as easy as if ur around. i remember i used to not care whether ur holding a book or already sleeping. i'll just come and cry. =D hee. and u'll wipe my tears away, remind me to be strong. i really miss you jess. i wish i cud tell u evrythin im feelin. but ur so far away now. =(

rindu sgt kegilaan kau. haha. i noe u always noe wen im sad or rly happy. yela, bedmate kn. i rly miss u t. i still rmember hw we used to push each other to study, then, reward ourselves with movie. =D and uv always been my doctor. i shud recommend u to scholarshp bodies. haha. wen i luke kaki tu, wen i had muscle cramps, wen i was sick, wen i had tummy aches. ur always there for me. dengan 100+ and botol2 ECPI kau. haha. i miss how u wud just tell me evrything about this guy, and then i'll get cnfuse wic guy. haha. i miss u babe.. the first thing i'll do wen i meet u, is hug u tight!

i still remember, "tebalkan muka, pekakkn telinga, and njoy je hdup!". haha. we have many memories together, mostly all crazy stuff. haha. well, i started off annoyed with u, but ended up close. i noe sumtyms i disagree wif wut u do, but we both noe that we are crazy teens excited to grow up. haha. thx for always bein there. and for teaching me hw to play guitar hero smpai ngantok. and bein with me at tears and joy. hee. miss u babe.

u noe i miss our time together ryt? all d fights at the studio, that actually brought us closer. i rmmberd how i can easily giv u a smile. now its quite hard kn? i rmmbered hw u used to make me laugh with ur acts. haha. and how we used to laugh together. and how u played the guitar for me. and sing a lot though u keep singing the same songs. haha. well arif, theres a lot more. but i'll be happier to let it stay in our mind. =)

akak rindu la spend time ngn awak. tengok awak maen guitar. haha. and tgkp gmbr poyo awak senyap2. haha. akak rndu gak borak2 ngn awk. lepak kat tgge kejayaan pstu kantoi ngn pak mus. haha. panggil awak ayam. haha. wlupon kite bru je rpt, akak rse mcm da lame. haha. well, c u soon adek.

akak tau kite da rpt dr syaf form one, tp akak yg slalu kerek. tp last yr was a great year. wlupon kite byk gado gk kn. akak rndu ah lepak ngn syaf, maen cabut tali kasut. haha. borak2 psl fmily. maen piano. haha. banyak la kn. harap2 we'll meet soon k?

well, evryone close to me knows that i care for many. so i can't list down everyone. but everyone has made my life better. tak kesa la yg mengutuk or yg tak penah kutuk.

i rly miss all of u. =)

CNY Holidays

Wow! This is a very late and long postponed post due to laziness!

During CNY Holidays, I actually balik kampung! After a long time tak balik. My mum was on duty at London at my elder sister decided to stay at UTP. =( So, there were only four of us. But we had absolute great time!

in the car

We departed from JB on Saturday around 10 in the morning. On the way to Pahang we, we stopped at many places. My dad likes to take pictures of buildings. He's an architect. But we mainly stop to fill our tummy! =)

We stopped at Mersing Jetty to eat lunch at 3.30 pm.

pa at the jetty

Then, we continued our journey, and stopped at Mak Ngah's house at Nenasi. She wasn't feeling well. She could barely walk. We had some drinks and then proceed heading to Kuantan. We stopped to buy some pineapples.

Haha. Along the way, many trees and land was on fire. It was very hot. The firemen was trying to put off the fire.
firemen putting off the fire

Then, we stopped at Pekan, there was a Cendol stall. YUMMY!

Pa ordered one extra. Maybe he missed Mama. xP


yum yum!!

arash sgt lapar! second bowl!

5 empty bowls! =D

After that, we drove straight to Mak Itam's house. She's not dark-skinned. I don't know how she got the name. Hehe. There, we met up with Mak Teh and Pak Teh. We are not gonna sleep at Kampung actually. Cause Mak Teh used to stay there but now she have a new house. So then, we went to Mak Teh's house, before we search for a place to have dinner.

Exhausted, sleep.

The next day, just went to two kenduri. The first one was at lunch hour. After that, I slept for two hours! Then, at 8.30, I woke up and realised I was late. We had to go for another kenduri. After that Kenduri, I slept again! And didn't realised that the others went out for shopping while I was asleep. =D

Next morning, packed up, and went home. =D

in the car

Everything was fine and fun. =D But it'll surely be better with Ma and Na around.

Khazanah 3rd Stage

Arrived at KL Pan Pacific Hotel around 7pm the night before the interview. Wahh, penat! Ate dinner at 10pm cause papa had to work first. Had a not so early sleep, hopefully prepared for the next day.

11 February 2010

Wahh! Malasnye nak bangun. But then have to go. So, woke up, solat, and mandi. Went for breakfast alone cause got one breakfast coupon only. Bosan. Haha. Ate a little sebab I was nervous. Then, I walked to Putra KTM Station to take a train to KL Sentral.

on the train and very nervous

Arrived at KL Sentral around 8.55am. No sign of my friends, so I walked across the street towards Plaza Sentral. On my way, Bryan ckp, he and Suffian kat McD. Haha. So I waited for them, and we went to Plaza Sentral together.

towards plaza sentral.

We headed to floor 25, suite 25-1. It was a nice and simple office. When we arrive, most of the candidates were there already. So there, I met a few new friends and my friends too:

Suffian Bryan Liong Nadia Amira (All from KYS), Syazwani (MRSM Taiping), Sabrina (STF), Haslina (SSP), Aizat, Izman and Aidil (SAS), Megat (SASER), Jeremy, Nazrin and Irsyad (Sains Alam Shah), and Ilman (KISAS).

They were great friends to begin with. very talkative, noisy and fun. Haha. Aidil was quite annoying because he could'nt stop mengejek me sebab we are going to be interviewed according to alphabatical order. And there were 17 of us. And, I was number 17. Haha. Sedeh kn? But Aidil was the first. Hahaha. He said he will name his child starting with letter Z. But he changed his mind sebab at 4.30, it was still not my turn yet. Haih. Puan Su, the YK Scholarship Manager appologized to me many times for the wait. They planned for the interview to end at 1.00pm at least. But Tan Sri Azman ambushed one of the panel, so there was a light delay.

Finally, at 6.30, it was my turn. The interview begins. Bismillahirrahmanirahim.

"Good news Sir, I'm the last candidate!", I said.
"Yeah. And I will try to be as excited as I was when I interviewed the first candidate." Dr Ikhmal replied before he struggled to look excited. Haha.

Well, as usual, Dr Ikhmal's first question to me was, tell me about yourself. So I start talking about where Im from, parents, hobby and the course I intend to take. Then I elaborate on the course part. Then he asked me to tell about my experience in school. Then, he said, "Anything else you wanna tell? Your achievements or anything?". Haha, I cant think of any achievement so I just added a few things about things I do at school. Then, he asked wether I have anything to ask. I asked about actuary in Khazanah. Well, thats about it.

Took a train to Mid Valley to meet Aiman Khalidah. She had been waitinfg for me since 5. Haha. Chatted, had a drink, and papa picked me up, before he drove us home. Reached home at 1.45 am, solat and immediately slept! Exhausted.

Oh yea, before I went off, Dr Ikhmal appologized for the long wait, he said, "Theres too many great people that I couldnt help but to know as much as I can about them". Haha. I said, "Nevermind sir, I understand, and I hope it is worth the wait".

Alhamdulillah, it is. =)

Get Up Kids! Fitness Time!

Never in my whole life I thought I will be a coach! Haha! well, it started like this. Was joking with Yaya about joining her netball training because I'm super bored at home, and guess what? The school called and told me to coach the netball team! For a day. Haha. Cause their tournament was just the day after.

So, I ride Yaya and Arash's school van to their school. Haha. Jakun kot. 5 years tak naik school van. Haha. So, here's the pict;

I reached there, Yaya brought me to the Bilik Guru where I met her teacher. After that, straight away we all start. Her teacher asked them to call me COACH! Haha. Cool huh? I was asked to do fitness with them. But seriously, they're so lembik. Haha. So can't do much. They didnt do it right. But some of them were good. Then, while doing shutter run, I got my first injured player. Haha. Maryam, GS second team. Terjatuh je actually. But she freaked and cried. Tp by the time finish training, she was fine. Haha.

the injured maryam

We started at 7.30 and ended at 10.30. Lama kan? Haha. Well, it was a great experience. I receive rm5 though I didnt ask for any. But I used that money to catch a cab home. Had fun. And sangat penat! That evening, packed my stuff, and I was off to KL. Goodluck Kids!

p/s: I miss playing netball with my friends. Really. =(

the netball capt ngn shooter

the team

penat train mereka.haha

the team.


Art of Driving

klac, brek, minyak. Haih. Banyaknye pedal!!

I go to driving class skali with my bestie, Nina. But her house is in uda and mine in tampoi. So, when Lesen L da siap, we go separately. Masalahnye, the place tak amek student at tampoi. But they can pick up at Kip Mart. So, I have to walk there. But Papa tak bagi. So I called them and ask them to pick me at Affin Bank dekat rumah. They say, ok, 1 pm!

12.55 pm ~ I went out of my house
1.00 pm ~ Arrive at Affin Bank
1.05 pm ~ No sign of the kereta kancil of that driving institute, so I went 'ngeteh'. Haha
1.15 pm ~ Back to Affin Bank
1.25 pm ~ Called the driving institute
1.55 pm ~ Called again
2.15 pm ~ Called again
2.40 pm ~ Finally.

Haih. lambat betol! I signed in and then, waited for 5 mins, they called me. Then I got a number and must wait for my turn. Then the lady ask me to join sorang abang yg tengah blaja jugak. So I sat beside that abang while he drive the car in the circuit. Abg tu kata, "Kena pusing litar ni 3 kali". So we kenal2 and borak2 and abes la 3 rounds. My turn. But abg tu nak balik dah. But the teacher mengabaikan I. So, he said, "takpela, abg teman dulu". So we went.

Nak naik bukit, tiba2 enjin mati pulak. Haiyo! Ramai orang tunggu turn kat blakang tu. Cikgu kat blakang dah hon2. I panicked. Then that abg la yg tolong aja. Mati enjin ada la dekat 5 times. Haih. Then, 2nd round. Again, abg tu nak balik. Tp the teacher is nowhere in sight. So, he said, "One more la abg teman". Then the 2nd round was better. Pastu, I parked coz abg tu nak balik kan. Haha. But the teacher kata, "Awak teman la dye lg satu je round". Terpaksalah dye teman. Haha. He was really friendly and kind. Baik sgt and very patient with my kelam-kabutness. Haha. After that, he went home. Don't know his name. Haha. Thank you anyway.

Then, Mr Azizul brought me to Jalan Raya A. Nonono, I drive him through that route. Aaaaa!! Scary nyee! I mean, real life driving. Dengan fast cars. Huu. Mati enjin 2 times. kesian kereta2 lain. Haha. Ada at one traffic light ni, I was at the front, and I missed the green light, twice! Haha. Sebab kereta tak gerak. Haha.

Conclusion from Mr Azizul,
Awak ni kelam kabut la.

Sokay cikgu. Nanti saya improve k? Heheh.

6.30 pm ~ Arrive home. Tu pon kena jalan kaki from Kip Mart. Haha.

Weekend With Adek

5 years in boarding school had both made me further and closer to my adek2. Closer 'cause I finally feel that I miss them and do love them a lot though they are annoying at times, most of the time. Haha. Further 'cause I spend more time with friends that my adek2. So this long holidays, being the eldest sibling at home, I am responsible of taking care of them. Despite the fact that I have a bibik 'cause you know, bibik jage and sister jage is quite different. Haha. So we do spend time together. Talk about things and gelak and gelak and gelak. Haha. That's the fun part.

I have two adek, first is Yaya, 12. We mostly talk about Math (cause I'm tutoring her Math) and netball (cause she's being busy with netball trainings). Haha. Next is the lil' cutie in our family, the one and only hero (besides the hero of the world, papa), Arash, 8. Haha. This boy is sangat cute and annoying. a lil' like myself. Haha.

Last Sunday, Papa brought us all out, basically because Ma wants to shop. Heheh. But we had lunch outside as it was Bibik's day off. We went to Pasir Gudang, to have seafood. Sedap la jugak. Heheh. There, i met banyak3 kids. Cute! I really like kids. Heheh. And dalam kereta with my adek2, we laughed and nyanyi2 and had fun all the way! From home to Pasir Gudang to Jusco Tebrau City to home again! Haha.

Then, last night, Ma brought us to a postgrad sumtin dinner. I thought we will be with Ma. But then Ma sat at the VIP table so I had to jage my adek2 again. My dad pulak cannot make it cause he had to be at the Masjid (pengerusi la katakan..busy aje..heheh). I just realised how my adek2 actually needs their kakak to give them attention and I'm pretty sure I havent been able to do that cause SPM and all. =( Kesian adek I.

Well, I'm gonna use this SPM break to understand them better, and have fun3!!!


And sayang my elder sister NANA jugak..Hehe..=)

Technology Exploited?

Everything is in your hands. Yeah. That's what technology can do. Just a click and boom! You can get what you want. Great! But that doesn't mean you can use that in the wrong way!

An unknown number texted me.

"Sape ni?"
"Nak tanye, minat tak bende2 sex ni?"
"Tak..k0 sape?"
"Saje tnye, klau gamba free nak x?"

What the hell?? Hell no! Get a life man! And where the hell did you get my number??!! Technology was made to make life better. To ease the work burden. To connect with those important ones. NOT to damage the young minds!

Hello young people, Malaysians, especially! Wake up man. We are the one who can change the future. Who can make a difference. Who will help the country to develop and stand out. We are the one responsible to make the country a great place for future generations. And on top of it all, YOU are the ONLY one who can make yourself a better person! Yes, there's technology. So use it. Use it for the best for all.

Ask yourself, are we good enough now?
Yes or no, we can make it better.
Love Malaysia. Most importantly, love yourself.

Keep Going!

I was completely, extremely, very bored and I felt like there was something I should do. And I figured out what it was. Addmath! Haha. Really, I miss doing  it, so I downloaded a set of SPM papers. While I was searching for kertas conteng, my phone rang (in silent mode). Haha. I missed the call, and what did I do? I misscall that number. Haha. I don't even know who called. Then, I remembered that I should confirm my availability for MNRB interview. So, I opened my gmail. And to my surprise, guess what? I received an email from Khazanah calling for 3rd stage! Yeehaa! I thought I failed. It was a great surprise! And then, the number I misscalled, called again. Haha. It was from Khazanah. Haha. Boleh plak I misscall dyorg balik. Haha.

On the other hand, some of my team member ( I really love my BLUE team, really) didn't get it. And some of my friends too. So, well, I believe that Allah is fair. We all have different rezeki. So friends, always look at the bright side okay? They dont call you, it's their lost! Not yours. And you, have to keep going.

As for those who got the 3rd stage call, let's show em what we've got. Let''s pray and work for it. The rest, we leave it to The Almighty. Most important is that we will do our best! Good luck and keep going, everyone! In everything! =)


When I bought the ticket to watch this movie, I didn't knew what the movie is all about. But Adol wanted to watch it, so, yeah, why not. I should say it is a MUST WATCH movies for those who loves action movies. Lotsa shooting here and there. Suspense. Fighting.

For Muslim viewers, it is really against our belief. Therefore, just watch it for the fun, don't take it seriously you know. It is somewhat like "bala yg dturunkn oleh Allah for human sbb dah melampau", but it's mengarut a bit la coz they talk about God losing faith in Human and Micheal (Mikail) going against God. So, Gabriel (Jibril) had to kill Micheal because Micheal still had faith that Human can change, only that they need guidance.

So basically it's about this Micheal helping/guiding Human to survive from the "bala". 

I guess you should drive to a cinema and catch this movie. It's a nice one really. But personally, it's not the best movie I've seen. Haha. But it was worth my money. =)

Go watch LEGION la!

Let's Lepak!

Adol texted me;
"Rose, jom la kuar! Rabu eh..aku da konfem ngn mak aku. Jgn nk cancel lak!"

Nina texted me;
"Rose, rabu nk kua tk? Kte nk jln ngn mmbe kte. Jom la ikut."
~lebeh kurang la d text. tak igt. heheh.~

So, we all went out. Kat JB ni mana lagi kan, City Square. Adol asked me to came earlier, 9.00 am. He even woke me up at 7.30. He said, "30min mandi,30min make-up,15min tggu cab,15min on d way". Haha. Good timing actualy. But then Adol came a lil late. Nevermind~ Haha. He wanted to go to BSN to buy pin number for UPU application. Takut ramai orang katenye. Tgk2, adela 3 people kot. Haha. That means, we were damn early. Haha. So we waited at the UDA bus stop for a comfortable bus with empty seats. We took the 5th bus. Haha. We arrived at CS around 10 am. Awal lagi nih. Haiyaa. So, adol "payung"ed me one teh tarik at the mamak there. Oh yea, I just learned this "payung" word. It means belanja. Haha. Adol "payung"ed my bus fare too. Hehe. Good2. Gentleman. Haha.

Then, after an hour like that, we walk to CS (just a minute walk). At that hour, Nina pon da sampai. We meet up at a book store and walked together. Nina's friend tak sampai lagi. Haha. We went to buy ticket to watch movie. LEGION! at 2 pm. So, we have 3 hours lg. Jalan3, 12 cmtu, kawan Nina came. Nina lapar la pulak, so we went out to that mamak again. Taknak cam panas pulak kn kat lua tu. Haha. Makan siket je. Alas perut Nina tu. Haha. Then borak3, Londam (my batchmate gak) joined us, then walk back to CS. Haha. Nina nye kawan was Apiz Jambu. Haha. Kinda jambu la his face. Haha. Adol knew him too. He was fun actually. Good to have new friend kan. 

Then we watch LEGION! This one I'll post another one for LEGION. Haha.

After the movie, Londam lak lapa. Haha. We were arguing about where to eat cause Nina and Londam said the food court expensive. Argue pnye argue, Londam said he wanted to go buy char kuih at 2nd floor. So, we followed. Then, Adol plak nak makan at another place. But nobody knows nk mkn kat mane. Haha. So we went to ground floor. I bought Auntie Anne's for my adek. Adol bought for himself. Then, Nina said; SEASONS! Haha. Ikut je laaa. Wanted to save money, I shared with Nina "Baked Fish Rice" abende tah. Betol kot. Haha. It was nice. Londam at that too. I forgot what Apiz ordered. Haha. As usual, we buat kecoh there. Haha. Sampai kena tegur dengan waiter. Too bad. Haha. We're just having fun! Haha.

Then, we jalan2 a bit. Lepak at Roibo for a drink (Nina je bought a drink). Then we went home by bus. Except Londam. Haha. His mum was waiting. I sat with Adol, and we borak2 about stuff we never talk to each other about. Haha. Well, he's a great friend actually. Yelah, Aristocrats' Mr. Understanding! Haha. All and all, it was a great day. New friend, great movie, met old friends, great chat. Yeah, we should go out again! Haha.

Spent rm45 today. Haih. Have to collect more money la before we go out again! Haha. Here's a picture (gimik je ni..haha) ;

My Friend Adol. Haha.

Friends =)

I have nothing important to write here actually, just that I'm sooo bored (very2, extra, sgt3, canot xplain how bored). Then I remembered what (or who) used to be with me before I knew how boring life could be; FRIENDS!!

Gosh, it's February, bru 2 months cuti, I'm feeling bored to death! Yes, I might die of boredom!! Haha, hyperbola..Dah la jobless = no money . At least at school, I have allowance, so can save la kan. But right now, no reason to have money. But still wana hang out with my friends. Cause you know, IM BORED!!! Haha. But I segan la to ask from myBank = my papa. Haha.

Well, at this kinda moments la kan I really miss my besties and dorm mates and dorm sebelah mate and juniors. Haihh. This people are those who never failed to make me smile. Though we sometimes used to gaduh2 over small stuff, carut2 for fun. Haha. Really, can't do that anymore. Haih. I miss you guys badly!

Nina =)

ET =)
Yaa, Ika, Wana, Nadia, Nida, Qasya
my sayang = leela =)
arif esa =)

wana syg..

These people are the one who colours my life! And not just them, theres so many more (cuma byk sgt nk upload, =D). Haha. Guys, I'm missing all of you a hell lot!