Friends =)

I have nothing important to write here actually, just that I'm sooo bored (very2, extra, sgt3, canot xplain how bored). Then I remembered what (or who) used to be with me before I knew how boring life could be; FRIENDS!!

Gosh, it's February, bru 2 months cuti, I'm feeling bored to death! Yes, I might die of boredom!! Haha, hyperbola..Dah la jobless = no money . At least at school, I have allowance, so can save la kan. But right now, no reason to have money. But still wana hang out with my friends. Cause you know, IM BORED!!! Haha. But I segan la to ask from myBank = my papa. Haha.

Well, at this kinda moments la kan I really miss my besties and dorm mates and dorm sebelah mate and juniors. Haihh. This people are those who never failed to make me smile. Though we sometimes used to gaduh2 over small stuff, carut2 for fun. Haha. Really, can't do that anymore. Haih. I miss you guys badly!

Nina =)

ET =)
Yaa, Ika, Wana, Nadia, Nida, Qasya
my sayang = leela =)
arif esa =)

wana syg..

These people are the one who colours my life! And not just them, theres so many more (cuma byk sgt nk upload, =D). Haha. Guys, I'm missing all of you a hell lot!