salah ke?
i declined bnm and shell interview.
i thought i want to give chance to others.
but i think mama doesn't like what i did.
maybe because the letter haven't came.

but mama,
now, atleast i got this!

hihihihihihi. x)) seronoknyaaaaaaa.
mama, is this good enough to make you proud?

i guess it is!! weeeeheeee~ 
thank you Allah.

seronoknya i can make my mama proud. papa didn't reply. maybe he is busy. but nevermind. 
only by excelling in my studies, being a good girl, and listening to you, i could repay your sacrifices to raise me up. i couldn't do much mama, papa. 

but you know i love you kan.
mama, papa, and kakak and adek2, happy tak?
im happy. i hope you all pon happy.
jom gelak sama2.

=)     =D     x)     xP     xD     ;D     ;P     =))))

our first game ever.

GS?? goal shooter okayh. x)

KYSER netball club?
new club, new members.
i'm part of it.
and proud to say
that i played in our first ever tournament!
wow wow wow! x)
i missed playing netball so much.
and trust me,
i had a blast! fun fun soo fun.

kak azean trying to score a goal

our team!

kak ija and kak ain

me and leela

kak anum! KYSER spm 2000.

We won 2 games, lost 2 games.
need to win 3 to go quarter.
but i think it was a good first attempt.
loved it and had fun.
but now i'm having fever.
hahah. good times.


goin to melaka.
netball tournament.
representing my alumni.
byebye. x)

The Day of Extremely Great Calls!

Call 1 : me to Puan Suhayati
"Hello, may I speak to Puan Su?"
"Hello Rose!"
"You recognize my voice! Wow! Well, I wanna ask about the scholarship offer."
"Alhamdulillah, offer letters foar all five of you have been endorsed by Tan Sri. The briefing with scholars and parents will be around June. And in my calendar, it is 9 June."
"Hey, it's my birthdayyy!"
"We should buy a cake then."
bla bla bla talking talking laughing laughing 
*put down the phone*

Call 2 : me to Ms Hidaayah
"Hello, this is Rose. I'm sorry I took some time, but I decided to decline the MNRB Local Scholarship offer."
"Thats okay. Thank you for informing."
*put down phone*
InsyaAllah someone better will get the chance.

Call 3 : Aswad to me
bla bla bla canot remember because full of laughing here and there and canot stop laughing and laughing again and i seriously can't be serious cause i can only laugh laugh and laugh and u are driving a car while calling me. not good. but kept laughing and laughing and laughing.
*put down phone*

Call 4 : Nad to me
"Rose babe! Congrats! Yeay you're coming to KY!!!"
"How did you know? Thanks thanks thanks Babe. Im sooo happy we can meet everyday again!"
screaming of excitement laughing and laughing and screaming of excitement again and touching coz missing each other and laugh and scream again
*put down phone*

Call 5: Abg Saddam to me
"Hello, nak ckp dgn sape? Nak ckp dgn Saddam kn?"
"Hello! *ehh, ttbe takde suare, ehem2* Hello. Alamak abg. Suara dah hilang la. Ye ye ye nak ckp dgn Saddam"
"Apsal suare mcm ni? Bru baligh ehh?"
"A'ah la baru baligh. Hahahahaha. *alamak sakit tekak sebab gelak*"
bla bla bla laughing while throat hurting but still laughing and borak borak and bla bla bla
"Ok lah Rose. See you soon. I, erm, miss you"
smiling smiling smiling
"I miss you too! Bubye!"
*put down phone*


Exhausted of talking, and seriously, I lost my voice. 
Hahaha. *ouhh that hurts*


Here, i have a few links about ARP.This post is for anyone interested, especially for ezudin.If I'm not mistaken, to join ARP, you must have a badan operasi.Like school, club, etc. Like us, our school was the Badan Operasi.Maybe you can start you Bronze ARP Medal early next year under whatever institution you are studying in.Or just follow this links for further notices or question.It is fun and requires a lot of time and for Bronze and Silver, more fun to be done in Groups. Hope it helps. =)

ARP Report

What is ARP Report?
It is wastage of paper! Haha.
Too many conditions to follow.
And it's tiring exhausting thing!

Oklah. What is ARP?
The fun part!
Anugerah Remaja Perdana.
4 components; sports, skills, community service and expedition.
But for Gold Medal, there's another component; Residential Project.
Try google-ing it. It's the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Great experience but troublesome documentation.
Hope it's worth it!

Cheers to FB!

FB wonders does it again!

FB connects me with sooo many people. Doesn't just connect but it even strengthen the simple friendship! Wahhh! Seriously weh;

  1. Adam Shukri
  2. Syamil Sani
  3. Amma Yusof
  4. Azad Khalil
  5. Farah Yasmin
  6. Filzah Razak
  7. Kak Anum
  8. Nicole Loh

No.1 is a friend to my team mate during Khazanah's selection, Aiman. No.2 is my bestie's dearie. No.3 is my friend dulu2 when sekolah agama. No.4 is friend to my friends in VI and also my friend i met durin SD selection. No.5 is my kwn baek dulu2 time sekolah agama jugak. No.6 is friend of me and No.5 wktu sekolah agame. No.6 is my KYS super senior who is also papa's student and and and she's now our senoir in KYSER netball club. and lastly No.8 is my close like really close friend in convent.
And and and, FB does it all! 
Connects, reconnects, and strengthen!

Cheers to FB! 

fun fun fun

Ahahaha. Been long since I've posted anything 'cause got to say. Life has been absolutely BORING. Except when it's time to hang out lah especially with dearest Arisz friends of mine. Besides, it's fun when you have a ride. Went to KL last week, and my friend Aswad picked me up at Bukit Jalil and then we joined our friends in KLCC. wohhooo. Like it Love it! 

aswad amie chix leela me wana zatie

The next day spent my day with Arif. =) Watched "when in rome", predictable yes, funny kinda, watch again no. hahahaha. and shopping!! I've been wanting to shop like really really wanna shop. So just bought something from COTTON ON. Bye bye cash. Haha.

munch munch arif

Then then then, I accompanied my cousin to take her JPJ test.
And and and, she passed! She better pass 'cause I accompanied her for hours! Haha

LRT KLCC - KL Central

Then...Saturday! Kak Anum, my never-met-before-only-communicate-in-FB senior picked us up at KTM Shah Alam. We had our first ever KYSER netball game which turned out to be a for fun training game. Heheh. Because all of us pancet already. =D
Then, went to KLCC with my cousin. Actually my sister asked me to go buy hard disk at PC Fair. So, for my beloved kakak, i went there and rushed for a Kick Ass ticket. MUST WATCH MUST WATCH!!

Sunday, back to JB. 
Loved my holiday in KL. 
Love you.
Love my friends. 
Love my cousin. 
Love my aunt and uncle. 
Weehooo~ Next week, KL again! Reunion! Can't wait!

Letter "-.-

I was totally waiting for a letter, but another letter came.

Status : Reserve
Final status will be informed by June 2010.

haih. ok lah.

Oh Extra Great!

Arash wanted KFC.
Mama let me drive the car.
Yaya and Arash was excited.
I was scared but excited jugak!

Okay, it started with I couldnt start the engine.
Then I called mama to ask about it.
And.. I should've stop there.
But, the engine boleh start pulak.
So, we went to KFC.

Yaya and Arash happy to get their KFC

Me driving *minutes before the 'oh extra great' moment*

The 'oh extra great' moment!
My mama's car!
I accidently hit the gate! 

Now, I'll never get to drive the car again. Haha. 
Nasib baik mama tak mara.

I love you mama! 
and sorry about the car. hehe.

Oh Great.

Urghhh. I don't understand why I really feel like I need to drive. Yea, I noe. It is like, "what?". But I'm so bored at home and my parents are away and I have the keys and the car is there. But yet, I can't drive. nanti kena mara pulak. Oh stupid feeling, please go away and come again another day when I actually need you.

Then come the second feeling, need to hang out! But why la KL is 3 hours away. Hang out hang out hang out. Hopefully Papa allow me to hang out this wed. Missing Arisz like hell lot! But I really wish I could drive anywhere I go because I don't wanna burden Ma or Pa. 

I didn't thought that getting a license can make me wanna drive so much.
Oh great.

Petronas Educamp

Dear friends,
I heard that Petronas already called succesfull appicants to their Educamp.
I didn't apply, however, I have something to share for those who are going.
It is a text from my senior. He is currently a Petronas Scholar for Overseas Scholarship.

a text from my senior;
educamp tu x evaluate every single thing u do.
just ada interview and some iq test.
masa interview tu not really a one-to-one.
it is more like a case study presentation.
but be prepared for it sebab it involves more like a company's values.
corporate-ish sikit la.
like mine dulu, kena present pasal CSR *corporate social responsibility.
somethn lyk dat la,
yg iq test tu normal.


Links to MARA Interview Tips

I did'nt go for MARA interview. But these links are good links that are very helpful. So, might as well just share it, in case anyone need them;

Goodluck friends! =)

JPJ Baik. x)

Terima kasih Ya Allah. =)

1. Abang JPJ baik.
2. Dapat jalan A.
3. Ada lori nak langgar tapi abg JPJ tu tk fail kan.
4. Borak2 sambil driving best.
5. LULUS. 17/20 pun jadila.

Terima kasih abang JPJ.
Most of all, syukur Alhamdulillah. 
Jimat duit papa. x)

JPA Interview

I would just summarize a few tips.

Collared, long sleeve kemeja.
Slacks! Black slacks. NOT BLACK JEANS.
Black leather shoes.
Socks; preferably black.

Baju kurung, preferably plain or with less corak.
You may wear a suit but make sure it's formal.
Tudung; preferably plain.
Shoes; Covered shoes.

Clear holder.

1. Explain about yourself, briefly but say everything you posibbly can; name, school, parents, siblings, what you do in school, hobby, some jokes, COURSE and COUNTRY that you want to go AND WHY. Prepare for common questions like; why overseas and not local. And never say quality of education overseas are better. That will upset them

2. For Malays; speak English confidently. Unless they ask you in Malay. Non-bumis; Speak Malay! Of course, unless they ask in English.

3. Be confident with your opinion, and learn a little about your course. Meaning, if you wanna take lawa, you must know who is the Ketua Hakim Negara bla bla bla.

4. Relax.

5. Smile smile smile!

p/s: it is an advantage if you know very well about your course and where you want to study and have good reasons behind it. and 100% advantage if you can speak fluently.




Dear sista,

takmo la bersedih2. nnt adekmu juga bersedih2. 
kiteretsu sengaje nk wat kamu bersedih.
senyum3. ha? tak reti kah?
mcm ni >>> =D
haaaaa. msti stdy okay, family always pray for your success.
be patient, after a storm, there'd be a rainbow.
sket je lg uni nak abes da. smile3 sister.
see u soon taktau bila.

ur in my heart. 


saya syiqa. ini kakak saya nana. *mcm upin ipin tu* x)

The Call

Finally, the call I've been waiting for came. =)
Though the oficial letters have not been endorsed yet, I hope everything goes on smoothly

p/s: Tugas kita sebagai hamba Allah adalah untuk berusaha mencapai apa yang dikehendaki, berdoa kepadaNya agar dikurniakan pertolongan dan dipermudahkan perjalanan, dan bertawakal serta redha terhadap ketentuanNya. Sesungguhnya, Allah itu Maha Adil dan Maha Pemurah