Cheers to FB!

FB wonders does it again!

FB connects me with sooo many people. Doesn't just connect but it even strengthen the simple friendship! Wahhh! Seriously weh;

  1. Adam Shukri
  2. Syamil Sani
  3. Amma Yusof
  4. Azad Khalil
  5. Farah Yasmin
  6. Filzah Razak
  7. Kak Anum
  8. Nicole Loh

No.1 is a friend to my team mate during Khazanah's selection, Aiman. No.2 is my bestie's dearie. No.3 is my friend dulu2 when sekolah agama. No.4 is friend to my friends in VI and also my friend i met durin SD selection. No.5 is my kwn baek dulu2 time sekolah agama jugak. No.6 is friend of me and No.5 wktu sekolah agame. No.6 is my KYS super senior who is also papa's student and and and she's now our senoir in KYSER netball club. and lastly No.8 is my close like really close friend in convent.
And and and, FB does it all! 
Connects, reconnects, and strengthen!

Cheers to FB! 


adam said...

aku first?*terharu haha ;)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

hahaha. because we are still in touch from first tym add kt fb smpai skrg!
*terharu lah anda. xP

Filzah.R said...

hahha facebook connects! x)