our first game ever.

GS?? goal shooter okayh. x)

KYSER netball club?
new club, new members.
i'm part of it.
and proud to say
that i played in our first ever tournament!
wow wow wow! x)
i missed playing netball so much.
and trust me,
i had a blast! fun fun soo fun.

kak azean trying to score a goal

our team!

kak ija and kak ain

me and leela

kak anum! KYSER spm 2000.

We won 2 games, lost 2 games.
need to win 3 to go quarter.
but i think it was a good first attempt.
loved it and had fun.
but now i'm having fever.
hahah. good times.


Anonymous said...

makcikkk..kat mane game ni?

E-ZuDiN said...

wahh, best2.. :)

Diriku.. said...

Hidup ini penuh kemanisan.. Nikmatinya dgn penuh kesyukuran..

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

amie, game kat uitm lendu!