The Day of Extremely Great Calls!

Call 1 : me to Puan Suhayati
"Hello, may I speak to Puan Su?"
"Hello Rose!"
"You recognize my voice! Wow! Well, I wanna ask about the scholarship offer."
"Alhamdulillah, offer letters foar all five of you have been endorsed by Tan Sri. The briefing with scholars and parents will be around June. And in my calendar, it is 9 June."
"Hey, it's my birthdayyy!"
"We should buy a cake then."
bla bla bla talking talking laughing laughing 
*put down the phone*

Call 2 : me to Ms Hidaayah
"Hello, this is Rose. I'm sorry I took some time, but I decided to decline the MNRB Local Scholarship offer."
"Thats okay. Thank you for informing."
*put down phone*
InsyaAllah someone better will get the chance.

Call 3 : Aswad to me
bla bla bla canot remember because full of laughing here and there and canot stop laughing and laughing again and i seriously can't be serious cause i can only laugh laugh and laugh and u are driving a car while calling me. not good. but kept laughing and laughing and laughing.
*put down phone*

Call 4 : Nad to me
"Rose babe! Congrats! Yeay you're coming to KY!!!"
"How did you know? Thanks thanks thanks Babe. Im sooo happy we can meet everyday again!"
screaming of excitement laughing and laughing and screaming of excitement again and touching coz missing each other and laugh and scream again
*put down phone*

Call 5: Abg Saddam to me
"Hello, nak ckp dgn sape? Nak ckp dgn Saddam kn?"
"Hello! *ehh, ttbe takde suare, ehem2* Hello. Alamak abg. Suara dah hilang la. Ye ye ye nak ckp dgn Saddam"
"Apsal suare mcm ni? Bru baligh ehh?"
"A'ah la baru baligh. Hahahahaha. *alamak sakit tekak sebab gelak*"
bla bla bla laughing while throat hurting but still laughing and borak borak and bla bla bla
"Ok lah Rose. See you soon. I, erm, miss you"
smiling smiling smiling
"I miss you too! Bubye!"
*put down phone*


Exhausted of talking, and seriously, I lost my voice. 
Hahaha. *ouhh that hurts*