fun fun fun

Ahahaha. Been long since I've posted anything 'cause got to say. Life has been absolutely BORING. Except when it's time to hang out lah especially with dearest Arisz friends of mine. Besides, it's fun when you have a ride. Went to KL last week, and my friend Aswad picked me up at Bukit Jalil and then we joined our friends in KLCC. wohhooo. Like it Love it! 

aswad amie chix leela me wana zatie

The next day spent my day with Arif. =) Watched "when in rome", predictable yes, funny kinda, watch again no. hahahaha. and shopping!! I've been wanting to shop like really really wanna shop. So just bought something from COTTON ON. Bye bye cash. Haha.

munch munch arif

Then then then, I accompanied my cousin to take her JPJ test.
And and and, she passed! She better pass 'cause I accompanied her for hours! Haha

LRT KLCC - KL Central

Then...Saturday! Kak Anum, my never-met-before-only-communicate-in-FB senior picked us up at KTM Shah Alam. We had our first ever KYSER netball game which turned out to be a for fun training game. Heheh. Because all of us pancet already. =D
Then, went to KLCC with my cousin. Actually my sister asked me to go buy hard disk at PC Fair. So, for my beloved kakak, i went there and rushed for a Kick Ass ticket. MUST WATCH MUST WATCH!!

Sunday, back to JB. 
Loved my holiday in KL. 
Love you.
Love my friends. 
Love my cousin. 
Love my aunt and uncle. 
Weehooo~ Next week, KL again! Reunion! Can't wait!


adam said...

fuyoo :O haha

*very purple lah ahaa ;)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

purple ehh?
i thot it's pink.
but i like both tq. x)

E-ZuDiN said...

Got something to spend time with i c, cool!

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

spend tym all u want,
cause wen studies starts again,
thats gona be hard. x)