Petronas Educamp

Dear friends,
I heard that Petronas already called succesfull appicants to their Educamp.
I didn't apply, however, I have something to share for those who are going.
It is a text from my senior. He is currently a Petronas Scholar for Overseas Scholarship.

a text from my senior;
educamp tu x evaluate every single thing u do.
just ada interview and some iq test.
masa interview tu not really a one-to-one.
it is more like a case study presentation.
but be prepared for it sebab it involves more like a company's values.
corporate-ish sikit la.
like mine dulu, kena present pasal CSR *corporate social responsibility.
somethn lyk dat la,
yg iq test tu normal.



Diriku.. said...

Again, its an awesome entry.. Keep it up,sis..