Dilemmas and Optimism

I've been finding time to blog. But gosh life is getting more hectics. It can be said that teachers here ostensibly love giving test. Well, I do like test, it gives me some sense of satisfaction and knowing where I stand. But believe me, the tests keep coming in the same time! Hectic hectic.

Last weekend, I had an AWEESOMEEE break with my family. Not much we did actually, but it's the quality time we spent that made me so happy. Homesickness increases with time. :P

berbuka with family

Debates. Observation based, KY people does lots of debates. We had inter-house debate for the juniors yesterday. Sapphire against Garnet, Diamond against Topaz. Well, lately I find myself interested in such things. I used to hate debates. It trains people to lie and crap. But in KY, something just hit me. It actually depend on the debator; crap or fact, crap again or think back. We did some debates in Econs class, forum in IELTS class and surprisingly, I find my nervous and inferiority level going down. I really hope KY will train me to be a better person in voicing out my own opinions.

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There are many students in KY who's strongly opinionated. I kinda admire how people are able to voice out opinions with a very firm stand. Wish I could be better in that someday. Oh yeaa, I also realized how useful blogs can be in voicing out what's inside. So maybe if someday I find something to share about anything at all besides me, haha, I might just blog it out.

Dilemmas and Optimism? Yeah, about that. I had to drop my forte; Accounting. Gahh it was freakingly hard to decide and accept the fact that I need to drop it. I'm taking Physics as a replacement now. So that I could prepare myself for Physics SAT as well. I can say that it has been quite a struggle in Physics class, though I love the concept of learning it, think and apply, instead of hafal je lah SPM style. I just hope I could grasp it better soon.

That's it for now I guess. Shall post a new one soon.

And, oh yeaa, I present to you, the new look of my study table! :D

Cantiknyaaaa! :P

Updates!! With Pictures. :D

I promised some pictures from the previous post; so here it is! :D

after some tradition bashing session.

blood donating.

Haunted House by Garnetronz.

cultural performance

izzat iskandar. math dude. :D

yk dinner (:

after CP (:

sapphire! :D

my close friends; mozek and nadia. :D
the geniuses. :P

Blogging mood still not here. That's it for now. Shall blog when I have the ideas. :D

Coping with Classes

6 blocks : Further Math Applied . Further Math Pure . Economics . Accounting . IELTS . ICT .

Classes can be really tiring everyday, but Alhamdulillah I find it fun so far. Obviously, I'm trying to take lighter subjects so I could focus more on getting A*s (gila cita-cita tinggi melangit). And of course so I have time for my SAT preparation which so far, I'll be doing on my own. Doubts? Uncertainty? Considerations? Definitely. I've been thinking how the hell did I ended up in here; juggling A Levels with SAT with compressed ECA and hectic lifestyle? Most of the time, I panicked and wondered "why the hell man? crazy much?". But then, I stopped and looked back, I made a choice and I had faith in myself that I could go through this successfully. And I'm here to be a better individual. The panic quickly subside. (macam karangan lak "-__-)

True enough this place is like home of geniuses. (serious weyh) I'm not sure whether I'm be included in that category. My inferior says I'm not. I sit next to geniuses in Math class that's for sure (Mozek and Izzat. Bloody fast Math solver) . I even double considered whether or not I should take actuarial. These people make me feel like I'm a bit left behind. Well, however, they are my closest friends here. I'm trying to push myself to be on par. Well, I guess that's gonna need much time.

Generally, I love it here. The study ambiance is great. It's a well mix of competitiveness and support. Now, I just have to reassure myself that I've made the right choice.

Btw, Cultural Performance 2010 was a great show and part of me is missing the hectics, part of me feel much relieved. I do miss spending time with the whole batch preparing for it. I guess there would be no more of that after this. House events would be filling the calendar. Go Sapphire! :D

Well, no pics for this post coz I'm actually in ICT class right now. But I could probably just add it later on. My blogging mood is descending pretty badly. I shall find time to get 'em back. Till then, toodles~

:D Happy Ramadhan to all.

Two Weeks Had Passed

Friends in KY are all awesome people. I like my batchmates. But I don't understand why I still find it hard to adapt. man, two weeks had passed. I'm still having up and down mood swings and I'm hating it. Haihh. I miss home. Surprisingly I am missing my two little annoying loud adik and their endless night fights. ):

Well, we did a lot of stuff this two weeks. But the most major event we handled was BA for Batch 12. I was pretty nervous at first, but the BA turned out to be awesomeeenesss! :D I would love the picture to do the talking, but my phone was out of battery that night. My friends did took some pictures though. I'll attach it towards the end.

Classes are good so far. I'm taking Double Math, Econs and Accounts. Econs and Accounts turned out to be English version of SPM. Haha. But that's after only 3 classes la. Taktaulah if it gets worst. But insyaAllah I'll go through it with strength.

Well, for now, that's it. Let the pics do the talk. :D

puan su and us :D

my room (:

my induction group !

megat !

we sang Sempurna for BA

my friends; haniesha nasif and izzat

p/s : i miss Aristocrats damn much. really. ;(