Dilemmas and Optimism

I've been finding time to blog. But gosh life is getting more hectics. It can be said that teachers here ostensibly love giving test. Well, I do like test, it gives me some sense of satisfaction and knowing where I stand. But believe me, the tests keep coming in the same time! Hectic hectic.

Last weekend, I had an AWEESOMEEE break with my family. Not much we did actually, but it's the quality time we spent that made me so happy. Homesickness increases with time. :P

berbuka with family

Debates. Observation based, KY people does lots of debates. We had inter-house debate for the juniors yesterday. Sapphire against Garnet, Diamond against Topaz. Well, lately I find myself interested in such things. I used to hate debates. It trains people to lie and crap. But in KY, something just hit me. It actually depend on the debator; crap or fact, crap again or think back. We did some debates in Econs class, forum in IELTS class and surprisingly, I find my nervous and inferiority level going down. I really hope KY will train me to be a better person in voicing out my own opinions.

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There are many students in KY who's strongly opinionated. I kinda admire how people are able to voice out opinions with a very firm stand. Wish I could be better in that someday. Oh yeaa, I also realized how useful blogs can be in voicing out what's inside. So maybe if someday I find something to share about anything at all besides me, haha, I might just blog it out.

Dilemmas and Optimism? Yeah, about that. I had to drop my forte; Accounting. Gahh it was freakingly hard to decide and accept the fact that I need to drop it. I'm taking Physics as a replacement now. So that I could prepare myself for Physics SAT as well. I can say that it has been quite a struggle in Physics class, though I love the concept of learning it, think and apply, instead of hafal je lah SPM style. I just hope I could grasp it better soon.

That's it for now I guess. Shall post a new one soon.

And, oh yeaa, I present to you, the new look of my study table! :D

Cantiknyaaaa! :P