The Aussie Trip ! :D


I wanted to blog about my Khazanah Camp. But I think nobody has ever blogged about it before. And it's a good thing actually. Cause then when the future scholars go, it'll be a great experience. :D What I can say is, it was GREAAAT and I got stung by bees. ==" yes, im serious. BeeS. 8 of them. I went to clinic right after the camp and the next morning, it was our flight to BRISBANE!

It was a 7 hour flight to Sydney, followed by a 2 hours flight to Brisbane. The flight provided us with A LOTT of food. Hahaha. I think the flight add another half-kilo to my weight. :D

We arrive at night. And Uncle Norris was already waiting for us. :D We stayed his house the whole week. Anty Su was a superbly good cook. So, there goes another kilo. x)

Day 1 Brisbane City
So the first day, only Ma woke up early. real early like 3 am Malaysia time. 5 am Aussie time. Haha. And we woke up hours later. So we just had a walk in Brisbane. Queens Street. I did little shopping . Hee. :D And the place is lovely. CANTIK. (: So we did lotsa snap3. And of course, SOUVI SHOPPING. :D

At night, Anty Su's friend treated us with Krispy Kream Doughnuts! SWEEEET! :D

And we went home by the City Cat. :D Cruise!

Day 2 Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast
I LOVED MOVIE WORLD! :D The rides was amazing. They got this super technology in their rides. Haha. The rides turned us around-round-round and they got lasers and super lights while we were in the dark and it was like, you'll never know what the ride will do to you! Ahaha. I simply just loved it! My personal favourite was the Scooby Doo, Lethal Weapon, Batman Ride with Papa and of course, the family Wild Wild West that made us all soaking wet! x) And there were plenty of shows. I LOVED the Stunt Driver! :D

lethal weapon! :D

stunt driver! awesome!

After a AWESOME day, we went to Papa's relative's. He cooked homemade Cappathi! Better than the Mamak's. Haha. And his wife cooked lamb and salmon. Yummy! :D And ohh, another half-kilo. :D

Day 3 Sea World, Gold Coast
Ohh well, this day started off kinda slowwww. Like reaal slowww. "-.- We woke up a little late. Anty Su made pizza. And we brought it along, hoping for an evening picnic. Yeah, and my sis forgot to bring her DSLR. So it was a bad mood start. And my contact lense was torn at the sides, so I had to wear Nana's specs. Cause I forgot to bring mine. And there were construction in most part. Lotsa show, less rides. BUT, THE RIDE WAS AWESOMEEEE. (: Me, nana and yaya went on Jet Rescue and the Roller Coaster first. Me and Nana took the front most seat. And before it started we were like, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?? But, IT WAS GRR-REATTT! :D And, we manage to have another round of Jet Rescue, with Papa! :D We literally pulled him. :D The Jet Rescue was like riding a real Jet Ski, but on air. Ahaha.

There was no picnic. Haha. We just ate in the car. and went straight back to Brisbane, for a dinner at Uncle Nazri's. Great cooking again, another half-kilo. :D Ohh yea, after that, we went to Mount Cootha, Brisbane's Look Out Point. BEAUTIFUL! and cold. :D

Day 4 Shopping at DFO
It was half-year clearance. So for shopping lovers, it was paradise. ;) The stuff were damn cheap and we were there the whole day, spending the dollars. :D

Day 5 Botanical Park and Picnic
Papa was soooo eager to go Botanical park. Not shocking, he's a lecturer in architecture and an architect. But ended up, we all loved the place. Beautiful and refreshing. Then, Pa drove us to Chandler, to meet he's old schoolmate Uncle Nik who's a Surgeon in Aussie. But he wasn't home. But his house was an estate. Haha. Complete with swimming pool and tennis court. After that, we went to Redcliffe I guess. Mama's friend, Anty Zaini and her husband cooked for us. Plus half-kilo. :D And snap more pictures. Visited Queensland University. And ready to head back to Malaysia.

Sunday 20 June 2010 :
Arrive at KLIA at 5.20am, had father's day breakfast at nenek's and back to JB.

So that was how my holiday was spent with my happy happy family. :D

p/s : sorry for the long post. i tried to cut it short while letting you enjoy it. :D ohh yea, plus 3 kilos in one week. "-.- fat fat fat. :D

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I Miss . . .

I'm still in Brisbane and I miss blogging!!
Be arriving in Malaysia early morning on Sunday.
It's great here. But I kinda miss Malaysia already.
I'll blog about my long week soon. (:

p/s : i miss you.

Up Up and Awayyy

Today, I'll be going to Khazanah's Camp.
And after that to a one week holidays.
So, I'll blog about it later. (:
Bye bye bye. :D

Have You Ever?

Head held up high.
Kept on smiled.
Everything's okay.
Walked away.

Have you ever done that?

Me? Always.

I don't know what is wrong.
It's hard to eplain.
But it doesn't feel good.

So Imma do it again now.

Head up high.
Smile smile smile.
I'm okay.
Walk away.

Secretly cry.

France Awaits You

I really wanted to join you in KLIA, Jani.
But then, time doesnt really permit. I'm in JB.
However, I do wish you all well from here.
I'll take care of your 'kawan' okay?
Ahaha. I looked through his sister's pictures.
He going away, smartly dressed, to France, already.
It made me secretly anticipate my turn.
But now it's no more a secret. Haha!
And that, will be two more years.
Be patient Syiqa. (:
Jani, have fun and take care.
I'll be praying for you, in fact, for all of us.
Never forget, amigos para sempre.

p/s : when my time comes, i hope you'll be there. and i hope he'll be there too. im prayin for us, dude. (: for us and US.

Happy Comes When You're Around

It was KYS Sports Day. At first I was soooo lazy to go. But then, suddenly so many of my batchmates were going, so I figured, why not? Plus, I do miss someone. Haha. So, as usual, took a bus, but this time with Nadzrif, to Melaka. We arrived at noon, so we took another bus, to Mahkota Parade. Haha.

Lunch time! Macha joined us. He's a Melaka boy. Haha. He came with his bike. Then he said, he wanted to bring his car, BUT he doesnt have license. So, apa lagi. I said, "I'll drive!". Haha. But, the thing is, I had to ride his bike with him to his house. OMG. I've not ride a bike since like, 5 years old? Huu. Hell yeah I was scared. But we made it! Haha.

Second challenge, THE CAR! Haha. It was a Wira. Very lowered one. At first, I couldnt move the gears. And we finally found out, we forgot to unlock the gears. And that's after a few calls made to the car owner, Macha's brother. Haha. And when I said GEARS, i meant IT IS A MANUAL CAR! Haha. Damn excited weyh! And hell yeah, I liked that car! No kidding! That car handsome gilaa! Bunyi macam racing! Haha. Then, I did some shopshop and watched Prince of Persia. By the way, it's a WATCH WATCH WATCH MUST WATCH!

Then, that night, we hang out. Watched THE SAME MOVIE I WATCHED THAT EVENING! "-.- Rizham sponsored my tickets. So, I slept all the way. Ahaha. Off to bed at 4 am. Woke up at 7. And get ready for Sports Day!!

Had to say it was a damn hot day. Huu. But I had fun, snapping pictures with Pa's DSLR. Meeting up with juniors. And him. Yeah. And teachers. Haha. It was just so fun. Idk how to explain what was actually the fun. But, the smile on my face lasted until the end of the event.

my girlfriends ^_^

I'm a Hussein House member. Sports Day is not so much of our event. Rahman won overall and marching. But we managed to grab the Best Deco.

hussein house (:

It was a great day. I had a great time. Need prove? I arrive at JB around 6.30pm. Slept at 7pm. Didn't woke up untill 8.30am the next day. Haha.

p/s: i don't know when we'll meet again. But coming to Melaka to meet you was worth it. (:

And So They Went

My cousin Diha had a kenduri. Yeah, she's leaving for university. MMU, Cyberjaya. Not so far away. And, she's doing great as far as I know. It has been a week since she went. And her facebook is telling me she's having lotsa fun. Envy you, Diha. I'm getting bored of home and anticipating college.

But before that, let me share my damn excitement! I drove from Semenyih to Seremban! IT WAS A BLAST! Ahaha. well, quite embarassing but yeah, it was my FIRST TIME. So, forgive me that I ACCIDENTLY DROPPED THE TOUCH 'N GO. Yeah, I dropped the Touch 'N Go at the toll. And and and, there was a car behind me. And and and, he didn't horn. Haha. Thanks whoever you are. And, my sister freaked out. Well, it was her car. Haha. But I kept on driving, and reached Seremban safely. All that, to take mama's camera that arash left. Haha.

Then, we rushed to KLIA. My sister is definitely driving this time. Haha. Arrived just on time to have lunch, before Mama and Papa flew to work. Yeah. WORK. Mama took a flight to USA for some conference. And papa to Kelantan for some work.

Then, it was friends time. My sister drove me to Alamanda. Waina, Fio and Aswad was already there, eating. Hell yeah I was so happy to meet them because my sister's car went through quite a lot just to send me there. And it was a damn relief to just smile and laugh with them.

We went for karaoke; My treat. Haha. Sang like orang gila laughing here and there. Before we went for movie. Shrek. I liked it. Yeah. That's it.

I just love my friends. And never wanna lose any of you.

p/s: i hope you'd understand that.