And So They Went

My cousin Diha had a kenduri. Yeah, she's leaving for university. MMU, Cyberjaya. Not so far away. And, she's doing great as far as I know. It has been a week since she went. And her facebook is telling me she's having lotsa fun. Envy you, Diha. I'm getting bored of home and anticipating college.

But before that, let me share my damn excitement! I drove from Semenyih to Seremban! IT WAS A BLAST! Ahaha. well, quite embarassing but yeah, it was my FIRST TIME. So, forgive me that I ACCIDENTLY DROPPED THE TOUCH 'N GO. Yeah, I dropped the Touch 'N Go at the toll. And and and, there was a car behind me. And and and, he didn't horn. Haha. Thanks whoever you are. And, my sister freaked out. Well, it was her car. Haha. But I kept on driving, and reached Seremban safely. All that, to take mama's camera that arash left. Haha.

Then, we rushed to KLIA. My sister is definitely driving this time. Haha. Arrived just on time to have lunch, before Mama and Papa flew to work. Yeah. WORK. Mama took a flight to USA for some conference. And papa to Kelantan for some work.

Then, it was friends time. My sister drove me to Alamanda. Waina, Fio and Aswad was already there, eating. Hell yeah I was so happy to meet them because my sister's car went through quite a lot just to send me there. And it was a damn relief to just smile and laugh with them.

We went for karaoke; My treat. Haha. Sang like orang gila laughing here and there. Before we went for movie. Shrek. I liked it. Yeah. That's it.

I just love my friends. And never wanna lose any of you.

p/s: i hope you'd understand that.