The Same

I woke up and realize,
Nothing has changed.
Life's still the same.
Nobody's home.
I'm alone. ):

p/s : cepatlah start belajar balik.

Alien Left Earth

Why would anyone want to lose a great friend?

Yeah, that kept me thinking and thinking,
There's just no answer for it.

You know,
I wanna sleep and wake up and say,
"Ohh, it's just a bad dream"

I just couldn't sleep.

So where were you when I needed you?
-Princess Fiona, Shrek 2010-

note to myself : stop needing anybody, because none of 'em can be there all the time. but then again, no man is an island.

need you now. but i guess you're tired. i am too. of everything. good night dear.

Damn Heart Attack Man !

A friend of mine, yeah, a senior and a friend, just gave me a damn heart attack! Ahaha. That's hiperbola. Ahaha. But still, dude! Gosh, thank God you're alive! And amazingly, not hurt. Ahahaha.

Well, maybe some of you read in the news, I didn't, my grandma called to tell about it. Ahaha.

Nenek said, "Syiqa, Shafiq ke yang plane crash tu?"

My heart was like pounding so hard. "What? Huh? What happened?"

Then Nenek told me something about it's in the news, I Googled it immediately.
Yeah, not so a crash but an emergency landing at Terengganu's beach.

bJ, glad you're fine. (:
Don't go give people another heart attack okies? Ahaha.
Goodluck future pilot!

p/s : click here for actual news.

Life Histories

I wouldn't say a had a bad childhood; it was superb.
I wouldn't say school was no fun; it was amazing.
But regardless of that, I did had plenty hard times.
And those hard times that I'll never forget,
Is the hard times that lasts forever.

Despite having little problem in studies,
It doesn't mean school would be so easy.
Particularly; High School.
Yeah, High School was damn tough.
Being in a school with a maximum of 300 students yearly,
Everyone knows everyone.
Do a mistake, the whole school knows.
And that's what I dumbly did; mistakes.
Lots of 'em.

You know histories of your life, would just stick in your mind.
It's about yourself. How could you forget?
But it is most frustrating when people can't let it go either.
I can proudly say I've trashed my histories away.
I'm a new me.
But not everybody gives second chances.

What should I do then?
Be it! Be it that people think whatever they think.
I am happy now. Yes I am. Truly.
And I'm not going back there.
When the wound is still bleeding,
I'm not gonna cut it deeper.
Let me be who I am today.
I'm happy.
Histories, just go away.

It's A Miracle

I can play badminton! Like seriously! It's a miracle! Weeeee~~
I never knew I could. But hey, I can!
Lets dance! *turns on music, dance like crazy*
Ahahahahaha. It's just so fascinating you see.
Since I badly played badminton when I was young
That game, is a big NO NO NO to me. NO MORE BADMINTON!
I thought I just couldn't! Urgh.

Suddenly I felt like playing yesterday. So I did!
And guess what, I HIT THE DAMN BALL! not the air. hehe. ^_^
I HIT THE BALL! *clap clap clap*
ROSE HIT THE BALL! *clap clap clap*
GO ROSE GO! *clap clap clap*
Ahahaha. I'm damn excited! Imma play again and again.
Yeeeehaaa! Badminton badminton,
I don't love you but I know you love me. <3
*wink wink* its making me crazayyy.
Ahaha. Okay that's it. It's a miracle isn't it?
Heeeeeee. :D

p/s : this is a big accomplishment for me. pretty please give your support. (:

That Lil Kid is My Bro

Once upon a time, there's a little kid named Arash. He lives in a happy family. And he was the last child, the only hero. Thus, he is so mengada-ngada and manja.

One sweet evening, he went out with his family for dinner. As usual, everybody was having fun, laughing here and there. Arash played games on her elder sister's iPod. Her elder sister was Syiqa. When the food came, they stop playing and started munching. Arash just ordered Coke. Nothing more.

Suddenly, *gbluuushhhh* His fulll glass of Coke fell down. And wet Syiqa's handbag and clothes and thankfully not her new white shoes. He was shocked. Syiqa quickly stood up, grabbed her handbag, pull out her handphone and iPod and looked at Arash. Hoping for an apology. Nothing came out. The waitress took care of everything, and Arash moved to sit beside his Papa.

Syiqa kept on saying out loud that an apology would be enough, but Arash kept quiet anyway.

arash after the incident

After some shopping, Syiqa went to Arash. And finally he said sorry. And they were happy again. Ahaha.

happy again (:

Arash is my brother. Syiqa is me. And Papa is the one in the picture who's making Bunkface's face. x) Arash, you gotta learn how to say sorry okay? I Love You Bro.


Taiko Rose Alia !

Alia Azhar itu taiko yang kononnya artis.
Ahaha. Dia kawan baru saya. Takdelah baru sangat.
Dia kata dia taiko. Tapi suara budak kecik macam bukan taiko.
Ahahaha. Tapi kalau tanya dia, dia mesti cakap, " ini taiko ok ! "
Hahahaha. Comel lah kawan saya ni.
Hari ni hari jadi dia. Baru 16 tahun. Budak sekolah. Hahaha.
Nak bagi hadiah tak boleh lah. Takde duit.
Nak bagi kek tak boleh. Nanti cair sampai Melaka.

So, Rose Alia, this post is your birthday prezie from me.
* awww. terharu tak? hihihihihi. ;)

Have a blast baby! It's your day! Smile all the wayy!

cake untuk budak budak

hadiah. kosong je dalam tu. jgn risau. x)

ohh yea,

p/s : post ikhlas untuk jimat duit. (: ahahaha.

Dear Friends, Get Up and Strive!

In the happiness and excitement that I was feeling, I was sad some of my friends didn't make it. I can't say I know how you feel, you'll say, you'll never know. But well, God have His plans for all of us.

Life is fair because God created life. And God is fair, nobody can deny that. Never, never, never stop going towards what you want. Never ever stop believing especially to yourself.

Remember when we were a little kid? We tried so hard to learn how to walk. We fell God knows million times. But did we stand up again? Sure yes. That's why all of us are walking now. Did we cry when we fell? I don't know about you but I did.

But we're walking, yeah, and now we can run. Some of us can run so far, not me though. And some of us can run so fast! Not me either. And some of us can roller skate and ice skate. And some of us can ride a bike. Oh yeah, some of us can play skateboards. And hell yeah we can drive! (:

So get up friends! There's a long way to go. Who the hell cares how you start so or not so greatly? But everyone look at how you end. And friends, this is just the damn beginning. (:

Stand up, get your heads held high! Keep moving on like nothing's gonna stop you, like that fall that hurt you, didn't make you weak, but strong!

I admire your strength, friends. You know who you are. Yes, it's you. (:

Dear Friends, Congrats !

Well, i used to looovee Happy Tree Friends. Hahah.

I would love love love to congratulate all my friends out there who got MARA ana JPA scholarship. You guys won't believe how I was jumping up and down reading FB posts and calling some of you.

aswad.wana.leela.fio.kapee.adam.syamil.tebal.hesam.ya'a.peah.budin.qasya.lott.kobeng.fird.ezudin. syafira.nina.raudah.
and every single person yang dapat!

Wohooooo! Wooohh! There's soo many I'm afraid I missed out anybody. Sorry if I did. ;)

Ohh well, I'm sangat gembira. For all of you. Like really.
I cant forget lah,
Aswad's "confrim tak dapat nye lahhh mara"
Wana's "cuak gila blum dapat sship"
Leela's "i tak mengharap sgt tapi mestila nak dpt"
Adam's "tak power lahh nak ber-english ni"
Syamil's "i'm going to UM"
Qasya's "rose, i nak buat econs. please la dpt sship econs"
Syafira's dilemma
Nina's "cuak seyh tak dpt mara"
*takdelah sama sgt, but lebih kurang begitulah. ahaha*

Well, kawan-kawan, da dpt da pon!
Congratulation!!! (:

Their Sweet Sweet Story

There was a pretty girl named Linda, she was from TKC. She was going to USA for her degree at an early age, 17 or 18, I couldn't remember. And at the airport, Linda and her mother met a handsome guy named Hamdan, also flying to USA, and going to the same uni. Linda's mother told him to take care of Linda. And so he did. until now. until forever. (: Alhamdulillah.

They're my parents, my beloved parents. They're not just great together, they're better when we all came along; nana, me, yaya and arash. They're just the best that we couldn't ask for anything more.

Papa, mama, I will always remember this story (: Because it was the start of the Hamdan + Linda family. It was the start of us.


Safe journey for your 22nd honeymoon. (:
I'll take care of yaya and arash, no worries.

I Love You, Both.

credits to kakak nana, our family's best photographer. (:

p/s : *muahmuahmuah*

Things In Mind?

I slept early. I didn't want to.
I was hoping for a text by you.
But I did, I slept waiting.
I woke up suddenly, at 2.10am.

Checked my phone. No you. No.

Checked my laptop. No you. No.

I couldn't sleep now, who should i turn to?

p/s : happy anniv ma and pa. 22 yrs of a happy marriage. i rly admire you ma n pa. (:

Khazanah On - Boarding

The Khazanah On - Boarding was held on the 13th May 2010.
I went there by KTM from Seremban and meet up with my mum at KL Sentral.
Had lunch, with mama and her bestie who calls her MDP; My Dear Prof. :D

The session was to brief us about the scholarship, and programmes we will go through.
My heart was pounding of excitement and relief when we finally recieved the offer letter.
Alhamdulillah. I got what I wanted and promised my mama I'd not waste it.

what i've been wanting

i know most of my friends out there are waiting for MARA and JPA. i wish all of you the best. i hope you guys will get what you wanted too. and i'll be happy to see all of my friends happy. goodluck rodongs and friends! (:

Happy Birthdayy!

specially for ezudin.
have a blast!
may everything goes the way u want it,

p/s: gila terharu tak? ahahah. (:

Makan Malam

went for a casual dinner with my family and mak anjang's family.
papa brought us to Puteri Harbour.
nice lanscape i should say. but banyak nyamuk hisap my sweet blood.
ahaha. well, the foosd was good except the one i ordered. "-.-
and, i got my order lambat gila. and i hated the waitress.
the only thing i enjoyed, was the too loud live band. x)
is it called band? i guess so. they could sing any piece at all.
criusly, just request a song, and they play it straight away.
from evergreens, to rock, to indies, to dangdut, foreign songs, hindustan too.
and there was a foreign couple dancing to the beats enthusiasticly. THE WHOLE NIGHT!
drunk probably. the lady even pulled my guy cousin to dance with her. ahahaha.
snapped soo many pics with pa's DSLR.
but only few with my SE. so, heres the bands pict.

and this is my arash. my lil brother yang annoying much!
kalau boleh everyday nak nanges and merajuk.
adek, lets grow up together. x)

p/s: this is a long-postponed post. ^-^

Please. Grow Up.

Why must you keep crying over things.
Please grow up.
Yes, I'm talking to you Syiqa.
Grow up. Things get shitty at times.
And Syiqa is strong. Not so lembik.
Syiqa, grow up lah.
Things doesn't always go the way you want it.
Life is addmath. Complicated. Ahah. Addmath lagi senang kot.
Cheh, nak bajet pandai pulak.
Look at you, seganlah sikit. Tengok kalender tu, da 2010.
You're gonna be 18. Grow up. Grow up.
Small matter. No need to cry over.
Mana kawan-kawan? Give me a hug like you use to do.
I tried to hug this teddy bear. But it doesn't wanna hug me back.
And so I cried. And some alien said,
"If you keep on hoping on unreal things, nothing akan jadi"

teddy, pnat i hug u. hug la i balik. :(

Are you real? I know you are.
Please don't go so far.
Those books are taking you away.
There! I'm being a kid again.
Urgh. Rose Asyiqah, grow up lah.


post ni dalam BM.
suka hati lah nak BM ke BI kn.
nak baca, boleh. taknak pon boleh je.
apahal nak emo? taktau.

kenape kena terasa?
takde kena mengena pon.
tula pasal.
perasan lah ni?
yelah, perasan. hmmph.

apahal gelak?
biala, emo kejap pastu ok lah.
gila lah.
memang gila. bukan slalu pon.
hah. yelah.
ok dah dah. gelak lah. happy je.
ok jom gelak.

p/s: mengarut gila. mood swing habes. ahaha.

babe, its your birthday!

date : 11 may 2010

leela's birthdayyyyy!!!!

she has planned her birthday weeks before. haha.
"rose, make sure 11 may free tau. gi pyramid!"
ahahaha. i'm supposed to be working.
but for my bestie, i took a day off.
well, i do miss her. and, it's her birthday.
why not?

and i did not regret it at all!
we didn't do much,
but the fun was undescribable.
we had lunch at tgi,
ice skating,
shopping for leela's present,
and back home.

the lunch was great!
leela had to stand on the chair,
and sing, and give a speech,
and it's sooo funny.

tgi fridays

urgh. byknya kek! haha

the ice skating was superb!
it was leela's idea!
and end up,
she hated it!
ahaha. i fell a few times,
wet my clothes,
worth the pain and money. x)

ice skating!!

i love her <3

fahmi is going to france soon.

shopping with leela, annoying!
ahaha.she pulled us to forever 21.
haha. she wanted a hoody soooo much.
guess what? rm150!
haha. but nice hoody. really.
so, what we did? we tong-tong la.
ahaha. leela even payed her part too. 
she got her prezie.
and she love it!

ohh yea, we met iz. he looks happier now. i guess he is.


i hate matrix.
its taking my friends away.
boe, kapee and fio off to gopeng.
poek is at penang now.
aswad is at perlis now.
amie is at n9.
they are all over the place.
they are not loving it.
me neither.
i miss them,
yes i do.

i miss you arisz

away and back

was not at home for weeks, been onlining through my new iPod touch. 
love my mama, thanks for the gift! 
but tak memahami why the iPod touch tak boleh update my blogs.
so, now i'm back at home. a lot of blog updates coming now. x)
if you don't like it, just don't read it. 
you have a choice.
peace! x)

Arisz Reunion Dinner

Aristocrats 0509, my amigos para sempre.

Well, since most of us are going to go here and there, some going to matriculation soon, so, we had our first reunion dinner. We do miss each other sooo much! Totally!

Of 63 members, around 40 made it. and we had sooo much fun. It was held at Chix's house, daughter of Datin Suliza Salam. Besides the fun talking and meeting each other, we had a simple karaoke. Everyone had to sing! And Datin Suliza sang with me too x) It was a great night, lotsa pictures on Chix's DSLR. And after that, we went for a short futsal game before we head home. I miss my friends already. =(

Arisz, amigos para sempre.

ARYASYA without the SY

my bestie, leela

boe my bestie

amie my dearie

Fisrt day of work!

Bored, nothing to do, so I agreed to work with mama, for a 3 week survey under SKMM. My role is as a Telephone Interviewer, and I will call chosen numbers to interview them, about Household Use of Mobile Broadband. Well, it is quite easy, everything is written on the screen!

We will be payed RM8/successful interview, and in the first day, I got 15 successful interviews in 2 hours! RM 120 for day one. Hope the other days will be better.

Iron Man 2

Ahah! Finally I have the time to update my dear blog. Well, I've been busy these few days. Travelling around KL. But of course, I would not want to miss Iron Man 2! So I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya for the show, with my elder sis, my friend Huwaina and her lil bro.

Funny, the movie was delayed for 15 minutes, and, when we came in 15 minutes later, nothing was on the screen, not even advertisements, and then suddenly, at 6.20 like that, there were advertisements.  So, it started quite late, at 6.30 something. 

Basically, I like the technologies featured in the movie. It was so cool. How he can drag the hologram or what-so-ever it is. Heheh. I like cool stuff, and of course, love action. So, I enjoyed the entire show! Must watch must watch!

Movie ended at 8.30 something, and we went back. Tired!

me and huwaina after the movie
sweet kan our baju. xP