Alien Left Earth

Why would anyone want to lose a great friend?

Yeah, that kept me thinking and thinking,
There's just no answer for it.

You know,
I wanna sleep and wake up and say,
"Ohh, it's just a bad dream"

I just couldn't sleep.

So where were you when I needed you?
-Princess Fiona, Shrek 2010-

note to myself : stop needing anybody, because none of 'em can be there all the time. but then again, no man is an island.

need you now. but i guess you're tired. i am too. of everything. good night dear.


fye said...

So where were you when I needed you?

That was the part I felt like awaken back then in the cinema.

Simply thought-provoking :)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

true. simple line, big impact!

adam said...

wow HAHA :D

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

HAHA. adam,
u dnt have to wow my post yg tak seberapa ni because i gave u a thumb up to ur post. ahaha. im no natural writer.