Makan Malam

went for a casual dinner with my family and mak anjang's family.
papa brought us to Puteri Harbour.
nice lanscape i should say. but banyak nyamuk hisap my sweet blood.
ahaha. well, the foosd was good except the one i ordered. "-.-
and, i got my order lambat gila. and i hated the waitress.
the only thing i enjoyed, was the too loud live band. x)
is it called band? i guess so. they could sing any piece at all.
criusly, just request a song, and they play it straight away.
from evergreens, to rock, to indies, to dangdut, foreign songs, hindustan too.
and there was a foreign couple dancing to the beats enthusiasticly. THE WHOLE NIGHT!
drunk probably. the lady even pulled my guy cousin to dance with her. ahahaha.
snapped soo many pics with pa's DSLR.
but only few with my SE. so, heres the bands pict.

and this is my arash. my lil brother yang annoying much!
kalau boleh everyday nak nanges and merajuk.
adek, lets grow up together. x)

p/s: this is a long-postponed post. ^-^