Arisz Reunion Dinner

Aristocrats 0509, my amigos para sempre.

Well, since most of us are going to go here and there, some going to matriculation soon, so, we had our first reunion dinner. We do miss each other sooo much! Totally!

Of 63 members, around 40 made it. and we had sooo much fun. It was held at Chix's house, daughter of Datin Suliza Salam. Besides the fun talking and meeting each other, we had a simple karaoke. Everyone had to sing! And Datin Suliza sang with me too x) It was a great night, lotsa pictures on Chix's DSLR. And after that, we went for a short futsal game before we head home. I miss my friends already. =(

Arisz, amigos para sempre.

ARYASYA without the SY

my bestie, leela

boe my bestie

amie my dearie


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rose my sweet scented flower! x)

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