Damn Heart Attack Man !

A friend of mine, yeah, a senior and a friend, just gave me a damn heart attack! Ahaha. That's hiperbola. Ahaha. But still, dude! Gosh, thank God you're alive! And amazingly, not hurt. Ahahaha.

Well, maybe some of you read in the news, I didn't, my grandma called to tell about it. Ahaha.

Nenek said, "Syiqa, Shafiq ke yang plane crash tu?"

My heart was like pounding so hard. "What? Huh? What happened?"

Then Nenek told me something about it's in the news, I Googled it immediately.
Yeah, not so a crash but an emergency landing at Terengganu's beach.

bJ, glad you're fine. (:
Don't go give people another heart attack okies? Ahaha.
Goodluck future pilot!

p/s : click here for actual news.