That Lil Kid is My Bro

Once upon a time, there's a little kid named Arash. He lives in a happy family. And he was the last child, the only hero. Thus, he is so mengada-ngada and manja.

One sweet evening, he went out with his family for dinner. As usual, everybody was having fun, laughing here and there. Arash played games on her elder sister's iPod. Her elder sister was Syiqa. When the food came, they stop playing and started munching. Arash just ordered Coke. Nothing more.

Suddenly, *gbluuushhhh* His fulll glass of Coke fell down. And wet Syiqa's handbag and clothes and thankfully not her new white shoes. He was shocked. Syiqa quickly stood up, grabbed her handbag, pull out her handphone and iPod and looked at Arash. Hoping for an apology. Nothing came out. The waitress took care of everything, and Arash moved to sit beside his Papa.

Syiqa kept on saying out loud that an apology would be enough, but Arash kept quiet anyway.

arash after the incident

After some shopping, Syiqa went to Arash. And finally he said sorry. And they were happy again. Ahaha.

happy again (:

Arash is my brother. Syiqa is me. And Papa is the one in the picture who's making Bunkface's face. x) Arash, you gotta learn how to say sorry okay? I Love You Bro.



Si Apis said...

Your father kinda ROCK!

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

new blogger?
thanx. he does rock big time!
love him loads. <3