Tested (:

Most of us know, AS/A Level results was out last Thursday,
All praise to Allah, I was given what I dreamed of. Alhamdulillah.

That day,
Most of us smiled a lot,
But behind some of those smiles,
They hid tears to stay strong.
Even if I try to calm them down,
Some may say,
"You don't know how we feel".

The next day, was IELTS results, for us who did it in July.
All praise to Allah, I got a good band.
But my writing component wasn't good enough.

That moment,
I cried,
It wasn't that easy to accept,
Maybe now I know how it felt.

I realise that everything was a test from Allah,
Both the nikmat and the musibah.
Both tested me on my faith in Allah, my dependence to Allah.
Whether I remember that I should thank Allah,
And whether I remember that Allah knows best.
Everything that happens, happened because He allowed it to take place.
No wonder people always say,
The best weapon a muslim own is DOA,
Because one day Allah will grant it. (:

"Only those who are strong enough to bear the test, are tested"
I should be grateful that I am one of them.

One thing for sure,
As long as I remember,
That Allah is always near,
I'll be okay.

Thanks Allah,
I have You, a great family, and awesome friends. (:
Allah is so sweet, he tested us because He love us and He help us go through the test.

With that,
Everything just got so much easier.