After Weeks

Dah lama tak post. Bila la nak post.

Keri, This is For You

apa benda paling penting dalam hidup korang ?
benda apa eh.

benda terakhir yang korang beli dengan duit korang ?
tiket ktm.

dimanakah tempat korang akan langsung kan perkahwinan korang dan apakah temanya nanti ?
taktau lah lagi. tema pun belum tau.

adakah korang tengah bercinta sekarang ni ?
ye, semua org mesti tgh bercinta. dgn siapa tu yg berbeza.

berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang ?
insyaAllah it'll be forever.

dimanakah selalu jumpa kekasih korang ?
dalam hati.

novel/buku/majalah terakhir dibeli ?
SAT Math.

apakah nama penuh korang ?
you would have known if you know me.

antara mak dengan ayah, mana korang lebih mesra ?
(: mama and papa. manja with both.

namakan orang yang korang betul² nak jumpa dalam hidup korang ?
Cikgu Rafeah : cikgu sekolah agama waktu kecik2 dulu.
Ustaz Aziz : Ustaz yang ajar mengaji dari Alfatihah sampai khatam.

adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri ?

dimanakah tempat yang korang betul² nak pergi ?
my "places to go list" sangat panjang.
antaranya, Wharton, Spain, Paris and Makkah.

pilih salah satu, peluk atau cium ?
peluk teddy. (: nak kiss teddy tp dia sedang busuk. heh.

beritahu tiga benda pasal orang yang beri tag
KERI. dia tag saya, nama dia keri, kt FB Fikri Osman.

5 benda yang paling disayangi dalam hidup anda
Bendaaaaaa lagii.
teddy. ipod. gelang. cincin mama. sweater.

lagu yang paling anda suka dan selalu dengar ?
susa lah. banyak sgt lagu dgr. tapi for now Maher Zain's songs.

bilakah tarikh lahir dan kat mana korang sambut tahun lepas ?
Jun 9. last yr sambut kat JB kot. tak igt.

5 rakan blogger yang anda nak tag a.k.a suspek² yang perlu dicari
Tanak tag sbb sy sendiri tensen keri tag saya. (:

Thank You Jessy

Your note.
Long and sincere.
Expressing your problems.
Seeking advice.

So I gave you one.
Like how I used to.
Always, just like you had and will do for me.

And just like that.
I remembered.
How strong I used to be.

Thank you my dear friend.

Because you remembered me,
I remember myself.

Mistakes gave me strength. Friends remind me of those strength I have.
And you gave me both.


see. they're just perfect.

Woke up this morning to mama's voice at the dining table with nenek. Like grandma, like ma, like me. Noisy. (: Then I thought about Pa, who's now miles away in Vegas. The all time cool guy. He never worry, always calm. How in contrast Pa is to Ma. But they still love each other sooooo much. Yet they're different.

Then, we talked. About a lot of things, while Ma packs her bags, getting ready to go to Washington today. Ma talked about Yaya and Nana, and how Nana said she shouldn't put pressure on her kids. And Ma said, "and what will happen to all of you without the pressure? without MY pressure?". True. because Pa NEVER pressure us. Pa pamper us I guess. He's strict in his own way. But he pampers me, that I know. x)

If I'm scared for my exam is tomorrow. Call;
Ma : Dah study semua kan? Huh? Belum. Ok, study dulu. Do your best, check your answers. Jangan careless kay?

Pa : Relax...... Go get some sleep. You'll do fine. I did the same years ago. :D

THAT different. Haha.
But those differences, raised us into who we are today.
And I'm proud of me. So I'm proud of them.

Together, they're perfect.

Balanced. That's it.
All they did was the best for us.
Allahuakbar, He knows the best.
Alhamdulillah, that best was what I get.

Nobody is perfect. But together, we could be.


This is very very very disappointing.
How could they do this?
It wouldn't be the same without the seniors.
No fun lah. )':
I know the seniors must be sadder than I am.
But the hurt is there.

Dah semangat gila kot nak Bangsawan.
Pastu gi postpone pulak.
Plus, sape nak pening2 pasal Bangsawan before AS and A2.
It's suppose to be over by that time.
But not this time.
And waktu tu juniors baru masuk.
Mana paham house spirit sume lagi.
This is really really sad.
Why oh why did they do this?

The date rings a bell. It's okay, I'll be there.

Life is a Test

Humans are forgetful,
Human, yea, that's me.
Specially created.
As khalifah, as abid.

That I knew,
Why I'm here.
But have I done enough?
Is it enough to just, know?

I'm human.

So you came.
To remind me.
But you're just like me.
Human, need to be reminded.

I'm sorry.
But do you remember?
That I'm a girl.

Wanita adalah ujian terbesar dunia.

Semangat Pudar

November SAT Scores Available Online Now!

: asyiqahmh
: *********

Your SAT Scores.......

It's okay. You'll do better next time.
Rest for now. Get well. Then, think about what to do.
Susah2 sangat, pegi UK je lah Syiqa.

Ya Allah,
Berikanlah aku kekuatan.
Sesungguhnya aku butuh bantuanMu.

Kenapa awak menangis?


Last week of school. I've planned to do so many things in this last few days. Wanna make the last week of my first sem fun! So on friday, I went to KL for CSR with Yayasan Khazanah. But the night before, I had a terrible stomach ache. Went to Klinik Tg Malim. But the doctor is not good. So, friday night, Suffian drove me and Nadia to Damansara Specialist Hospital. Bla bla bla bla.....


Surgery on saturday and MC for the whole week. Ohh dear, I'm so bored. But what can I do.

To those who visited, including my close friends, Megat, Nadia, Suffian, Yew Wing and Muzakkir and his sis, I really really appreciate it. You guys are the best. We will have more fun when all this pain is over k.

Sincerely, I love you guys.

Me, 22Nov2010
Damansara Specialist Hospital

happy birthday my soul sister. sorry i can't be there.

Kid Again

Princess. Heheh. Comel kan comel kan?
Ni tade keje namenye. :D

Many had said to me, "Rose, grow up la!". That made me thought, "Am I too childish?". Well, I agree, we have to grow up, many decision have to be made everyday.

2 years old;
"Ma.. I'm a princess!"
I wanted to be a princess.
Live in a castle happily ever after with her prince.
What's a princess?
She's that pretty happy girl in that castle.

I'm 18 years 5 months and 8 days;
What's your major?
Actuarial Science.
What's that?
Actuarial Science is .......... lengthy explaination
Ohh. Oh. Emm. Ok. Why? Where? Why there? Bla Bla Bla?

Isn't that tiring?
Obviously, it is.

I still wanna be a princess. (:
I liked it when I was a kid
I've grown up now. I do think like a grown up. seriously owh
I just want a break, to feel like I'm a kid again.
Is that wrong?

I know I have responsibilities,
as a muslim, as a child,
as a sister, as a human being.

But pretty please,
let me be me. :D


I liked the creative fair.
I had so much fun. :D

I needed a break. So did you. Those paintings were awesome.


Woww. It has been a long long time since my last post. Internet connection in KY has not been good. So I couldn’t update my blog at the chalet. Anyway, a lot have happened. That includes SAT (ohh don’t ask me how it was :/) a book (a good one from a friend)  and people (you just can’t get away with it. People, we’re everywhere!).


After my SAT, I had a great time with my family. Well, obviously they tried to cheer me up. Turn out no good however. Because the very next day, I’m back in KY. You know this feeling, when I’m out of KY I want to be in KY so much. The minute I’m approaching tol Lembah Beringin, I want to cry as much. Then how la? Park the car in the middle. Heheh.


A book. It’s called VERSUS by the way. A malay novel. A normal storyline I guess. Not too thick. But I shall say that it reminds me of things about my life and my religion. And it gives me hope. No, not gives me, but, it reminds me, that I had this hope. This faith. And that I still have it. Like what’s written in the book, “untuk awak yang ingin berubah”. If that’s you then, give it a go. (:


People. People. People. A few notes I received from people this few weeks.

*Let you go. Totally let you go, if that’s what you want. Cause it’ll just hurt to not do that. Plus, pray for the best for you. InsyaAllah, things will be good for both of us.

*You’ve got a point there. Yeah, accept a person as someone new, not someone from the past. That made me think. Yeap it did. But will you do the same? Maybe we’ll soon find out. Maybe.

*Do not be in the same group with guys, I’ll end up doing the whole presentation slides on my own. But the presentation overall was good, guys. Thanks. :D

*Be yourself. Just be yourself. I’m sure people would like you for who you really are. Be in the moment. They’ll accept you, just the way I do.

*It’s hard to be a perfectionist, true. But if the satisfaction totally outweighs the hard work, I’ll be a perfectionist anyway. (:

*Don’t be afraid to make a change. Laugh together if people is laughing at you. As long as you know, that you are doing what is right.

I always need my reminder. Always.


Off for now. More to come soon, insyaAllah.

The Mind Just Keep Going

" Take a minute to just enjoy the world. Look around, listen to the world. And be amazed by Allah's creation "

One advice I gave to a friend; now forgotten, by me.

There's too much in mind right now. My studies going upside down. Out of place. My room is screaming at me, "Clean us up!". Not that bad, but yeah, to me, it is a mess right now. My books are whispering, "Read us, read us, there's a lot more you don't know". SAT Practice Scores are laughing at me. Swimming pool calling me. Badminton and netball. Econs homework. Physics handouts. MESSY MESSY MESS. That's how everything is now.

And the only thing I could think about is home.
Running away.
From everything.
If only I could get all the mess out of my head.

I need the reminder.
But then again...

Guess I've to find my missing strength.

Little Little Things

I woke up early to study SAT after Subuh. So I was reading the SAT essay question.

"Can the daily actions of average people have a significant impact on the course of history?"

It's subjective. There's no wrong answer.
I thought of how I should tackle the questions.
I'm a novice you see. So I just surf the net for info.
Then came out the name of these unknown people.
For me their unknown, I don't know about you.
Rosa Parks, Frank Will, and MaryBeth Tinker.
They made changes just by simple actions.

Then suddenly I remembered what a friend said to me.
"Walaupun ilmu agama kita tak banyak and we have inferior compared to other people yang lebih banyak ilmunya. Kita kena jugak memberi peringatan kepada orang lain. Sekadar menyampaikan ilmu yang kita ada. Tak payah tunggu dah jadi sangat baik baru nak berdakwah."

And what Kak KD said during ISK.
"Bukan berapa banyak yang kita tahu yang jadi ukuran. Tapi bagaimana kita amalkan apa yang kita tahu itu walaupun sedikit. Macam Sumaiyah. Nak bandingkan dengan kita, sikit je pengetahuan dia tentang Islam. Tapi pengorbanan dia untuk Islam melebihi kita yang dah berbelas tahun belajar Islam."

What I wanna relate to this issue is that, if everyone thinks their too small to make a change, then nothing is going to change. So it is important for us, average people, to believe that we can make a change or create history. Because every little good things we do, insyaAllah, will bring huge impact for others and ourselves.

"Hai orang-orang yang berselimut.
Bangunlah dan berilah peringatan!
Dan Tuhanmu Agungkanlah.
Dan pakaianmu bersihkanlah."
Al Mudassir 1-4

Life At A Different Perspective

Are you satisfied with life?
Is that just it?
Is it enough that there's love, there's friends, there's laughters and smiles.
Seek inside your heart, is there an emptiness that could be filled?
Or is it enough that your life just remain the same way?

Try to think and ask yourself,
What if there's a change I could make?
Will my life be better?

There was time when changes came too fast,
I knew it' was right but I feel so bad,
I questioned,
Why me? Why is this happening?
I panicked. I thought, ohh, now what?
My mind was a mess.
My heart was hurting, tearing itself apart.

But if only you take a little time to see,
To view life from a wider perspective.

Then I realized,

He made this happen,
He knows what is best.
I suddenly felt,
That it was the best feeling I ever had.
It is happiness, like never before.

I looked back smiling,
Grateful that I took that little time.

Think. Think about life.
I'm sure there's space,
To make a change for the better,
A change we'll never regret.

Requested Post :D

Ada orang ni suro update blog
pasal raya and homeworks. :D

Well, raya this year was kurang meriah compared to the years before. Mama went to Aussie for work during 3rd day of Eid. Only had one day with cousins. Less duit raya. But that doesnt matter much. Less eating. Tak selera entah kenapa.

Soooo, raya this year a bit bersederhana. But I take that as a good thing. Buat apa belanja banyak kan. But ramadhan was really great Alhamdulillah. It's the most meaningful Ramadhan ever. It's one month that changed me. Syukur Ya Allah.

Homeworks? Well, I don't have much. So, not much to talk about it. Only that one interesting Pure Math quest, still stuck cause I dont know how to do it. Haha. But I'll think about it tonight. Ohhh and I haven't sew Sapphire's kain for boria. Daymmnnn. :D

Going back to college today. Hopefully what I attain from this year's Ramadhan will remain. InsyaAllah.

the roses :D

papa and his princess :)

mama and yaya

the happy family! :DD

from the nenek+atok to the cucu(s) :P

Okayh! KY is waiting. Toodles~

Wounded Heart

What would yo do if you're hurt so bad, again and again?

If your heart is wounded by the same knife?

Almost healed and wounded again at the same spot?

Would you let it heal just to find out in the end that it'll bleed so badly again?

you've caused too much tears behind that smile

Pause Rose. Just Pause.

I thought life was unfair.
I thought everyone was.
I think I am.

I thought everything was so complicated.
I thought nothing could be in place.
I thought I messed up my puzzle.
I thought I'd give up watching the mess.

The mess I made that I regreted.
The time I wish could forever be erased.

But wait. Pause.

I forgot that there's Him.
The answer to my riddle.
The missing piece of my puzzle.

He gave me friends,
He gave me a true friend.
Through that,
He showed me ways.

Forgive me Allah,
For I didn't pause.
That I took a long time to see.
And along the way,
There's mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

Too much that no one would care,
Too much that another chance will never be there.

To Him we should turn to, we should always do.
For when you've realize what went wrong,
He have always been and always will be,
The most forgiving.

Thank you Allah.

Dilemmas and Optimism

I've been finding time to blog. But gosh life is getting more hectics. It can be said that teachers here ostensibly love giving test. Well, I do like test, it gives me some sense of satisfaction and knowing where I stand. But believe me, the tests keep coming in the same time! Hectic hectic.

Last weekend, I had an AWEESOMEEE break with my family. Not much we did actually, but it's the quality time we spent that made me so happy. Homesickness increases with time. :P

berbuka with family

Debates. Observation based, KY people does lots of debates. We had inter-house debate for the juniors yesterday. Sapphire against Garnet, Diamond against Topaz. Well, lately I find myself interested in such things. I used to hate debates. It trains people to lie and crap. But in KY, something just hit me. It actually depend on the debator; crap or fact, crap again or think back. We did some debates in Econs class, forum in IELTS class and surprisingly, I find my nervous and inferiority level going down. I really hope KY will train me to be a better person in voicing out my own opinions.

Font size


There are many students in KY who's strongly opinionated. I kinda admire how people are able to voice out opinions with a very firm stand. Wish I could be better in that someday. Oh yeaa, I also realized how useful blogs can be in voicing out what's inside. So maybe if someday I find something to share about anything at all besides me, haha, I might just blog it out.

Dilemmas and Optimism? Yeah, about that. I had to drop my forte; Accounting. Gahh it was freakingly hard to decide and accept the fact that I need to drop it. I'm taking Physics as a replacement now. So that I could prepare myself for Physics SAT as well. I can say that it has been quite a struggle in Physics class, though I love the concept of learning it, think and apply, instead of hafal je lah SPM style. I just hope I could grasp it better soon.

That's it for now I guess. Shall post a new one soon.

And, oh yeaa, I present to you, the new look of my study table! :D

Cantiknyaaaa! :P

Updates!! With Pictures. :D

I promised some pictures from the previous post; so here it is! :D

after some tradition bashing session.

blood donating.

Haunted House by Garnetronz.

cultural performance

izzat iskandar. math dude. :D

yk dinner (:

after CP (:

sapphire! :D

my close friends; mozek and nadia. :D
the geniuses. :P

Blogging mood still not here. That's it for now. Shall blog when I have the ideas. :D

Coping with Classes

6 blocks : Further Math Applied . Further Math Pure . Economics . Accounting . IELTS . ICT .

Classes can be really tiring everyday, but Alhamdulillah I find it fun so far. Obviously, I'm trying to take lighter subjects so I could focus more on getting A*s (gila cita-cita tinggi melangit). And of course so I have time for my SAT preparation which so far, I'll be doing on my own. Doubts? Uncertainty? Considerations? Definitely. I've been thinking how the hell did I ended up in here; juggling A Levels with SAT with compressed ECA and hectic lifestyle? Most of the time, I panicked and wondered "why the hell man? crazy much?". But then, I stopped and looked back, I made a choice and I had faith in myself that I could go through this successfully. And I'm here to be a better individual. The panic quickly subside. (macam karangan lak "-__-)

True enough this place is like home of geniuses. (serious weyh) I'm not sure whether I'm be included in that category. My inferior says I'm not. I sit next to geniuses in Math class that's for sure (Mozek and Izzat. Bloody fast Math solver) . I even double considered whether or not I should take actuarial. These people make me feel like I'm a bit left behind. Well, however, they are my closest friends here. I'm trying to push myself to be on par. Well, I guess that's gonna need much time.

Generally, I love it here. The study ambiance is great. It's a well mix of competitiveness and support. Now, I just have to reassure myself that I've made the right choice.

Btw, Cultural Performance 2010 was a great show and part of me is missing the hectics, part of me feel much relieved. I do miss spending time with the whole batch preparing for it. I guess there would be no more of that after this. House events would be filling the calendar. Go Sapphire! :D

Well, no pics for this post coz I'm actually in ICT class right now. But I could probably just add it later on. My blogging mood is descending pretty badly. I shall find time to get 'em back. Till then, toodles~

:D Happy Ramadhan to all.

Two Weeks Had Passed

Friends in KY are all awesome people. I like my batchmates. But I don't understand why I still find it hard to adapt. man, two weeks had passed. I'm still having up and down mood swings and I'm hating it. Haihh. I miss home. Surprisingly I am missing my two little annoying loud adik and their endless night fights. ):

Well, we did a lot of stuff this two weeks. But the most major event we handled was BA for Batch 12. I was pretty nervous at first, but the BA turned out to be awesomeeenesss! :D I would love the picture to do the talking, but my phone was out of battery that night. My friends did took some pictures though. I'll attach it towards the end.

Classes are good so far. I'm taking Double Math, Econs and Accounts. Econs and Accounts turned out to be English version of SPM. Haha. But that's after only 3 classes la. Taktaulah if it gets worst. But insyaAllah I'll go through it with strength.

Well, for now, that's it. Let the pics do the talk. :D

puan su and us :D

my room (:

my induction group !

megat !

we sang Sempurna for BA

my friends; haniesha nasif and izzat

p/s : i miss Aristocrats damn much. really. ;(

News from Lembah Beringin

Orientation week has been a hectic one. So I don't quite have much time for blogging. Though I could say that the internet connection is not so sucky here. Anyway, I wake up at 5.50 everyday and sleep around 12 something, and that is right after all the activities end. So, this would be my first KY post.

Surprisingly, I took lotsa time to adapt to this place. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I am missing home and family. And I am trying real hard to adapt. Well, I guess that was because the orientation started off quite frustratingly sucky. But now, I'm happy to say that I am fine and better.

Friends here are cool. It's amazing how different people are. Everybody has a different character. So I'm still trying to get use with the crowd. I guess that's going on pretty great.

Sports was damn fun. Well, yeah, I do love sports. So I like it. It's like my only way to release stress here. But I don't know what will happen when classes starts. If we will have anymore time to play games. and if there's anybody willing to play together.

We are now busy preparing for two events fully handled by us, the Batch 13. I am enjoying the pressure and busyness. But I do miss home a lot. But I guess with friends here, they never failed making me happy. I've not been so hyper with my new friends like I am with my other friends. Still taking some time before being who I really am. Plus, orientation is tiring. =.=

Well, KY food is damn good and free. So I think I may gain some weight. :0 And that is if I finally decided to give up on sports here. And the chalet is very comfortable for me. And my chalet mates are all awesome people. I love being in Sapphire House. And the seniors are cool too. There are a few seniors that I find a little bit afraid to talk to. But maybe it's still early. I'll get over it.

Other than that, life is cool. Everybody is soooo good here. Not much of nerds. Yeah, no nerds at all. But everyone has great communication skills. I'm trying to keep up. And everyone is fun fun fun! :D

I'll adapt totally soon. And when that time comes. Imma enjoy this place to the fullest! (: That's all for now. Adios.

Pack Pack the Bag Bag !

After a hell enjoyable many days of shopping and two damn days of tiring packing, tadaaaa. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go! :D I'm going to Rawang tonight. Pa said will be sleeping over at a small hotel. So we could arrive on time for registration. I miss my friends and I'm excited to meet my to-be-friends. I hope all will go well. So, here's my packing results. :D

the teddy must must follow. the guitar tak sure lah. it's still upstairs. i'm a new learner. segan lah nak bawak. xP i hope this wont be too much of stuffs. :D

I hope KY won't be so bad. InsyaAllah.

Oh My Godd ! :D

Finally, it's time to go.
*nak nangis. gonna miss home like sooo soo muchos.
Still not done with packing.
And my stuff doesnt fit my big bag. So I'll have moreee bagsss. :D
I'm excited to learn but but but,
Dang it I had orientations.
I'm freakin out about being a junior again.
Hahh. But I do wish everything will go if not superbly well, atleast well. :D
So, KY peeps, see ya. And home, Imma miss you like hell.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

People love to judge and criticize. It's easy.
Sometimes you look at other people.
And you feel that you're much better.
And the world is all about you.

Guess what? You're dreaming. So wake up.

You may think you're great.
If you are now, some time ago you weren't.
You've changed. I've changed. People will change too.

You may talk as you wish.
But not all your words are right.
Sometimes, you just don't have the right to judge.

Look at the mirror, know you. Then talk.
Maybe then you'll speak some sense.

Reality Check

Been away from home for two weeks.
All those Khazanah programmes.
Gosh, getting their money aint that easy.
I forgot how to blog. It has been a long time since the last one.
So, Imma crap like nobody cares.
Read through it. It might be uncrappy.

The Fun Stuff We Had

Karok. Play pool. Go spa. Comfy hotel room. Great food!

The Serious Stuff I Enjoyed

Discovering who I am. Kokology. Chasing my dream. Sharing session with Mr Wahab. Federal Constituition. Understanding GLC.

Some Stuff I'd Love to Share

John Godart : World's Greatest Dream Achiever
You need to know what you have, to know what you can do.
Stop creating masks, show yourself.
Stand for what you think is right.
Our life is so monotonous; put them in graphs, we are dead.
DISC profiling.
To most of us, the spirit is willing but the body is weak.
You have a lot of conversation inside you. Know them.
Visualize your dream, as though you're already there.
The 3 F : Focus, Flexible, Fast.

The supremecy of the constitution.
We have fundamental liberties. Go check the constitution.
We don't exercise our rights enough.
Politics means gaining power and influence.
There are politics in our education.
There are no such thing as sensitive issues, only sensitive people.
Make a stand, voice out your opinions. Decide.
Start thinking about our country.
We are the future leaders. Trust me, it's no joke.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Rule of Law, not Rule by Law.
Audi Alterem Partem. Here the other side.
No man can be a judge of his own course.
Film called "Gadoh". Watch it. Understand it. It's reality.

Well, that's the summary of some things I've got.
Only some though. It was a great course.
Try reading the Federal Constitution. It's not crap.

To end it up,
Dudes, the future lies in our hands.
Are we on the right track?

The Aussie Trip ! :D


I wanted to blog about my Khazanah Camp. But I think nobody has ever blogged about it before. And it's a good thing actually. Cause then when the future scholars go, it'll be a great experience. :D What I can say is, it was GREAAAT and I got stung by bees. ==" yes, im serious. BeeS. 8 of them. I went to clinic right after the camp and the next morning, it was our flight to BRISBANE!

It was a 7 hour flight to Sydney, followed by a 2 hours flight to Brisbane. The flight provided us with A LOTT of food. Hahaha. I think the flight add another half-kilo to my weight. :D

We arrive at night. And Uncle Norris was already waiting for us. :D We stayed his house the whole week. Anty Su was a superbly good cook. So, there goes another kilo. x)

Day 1 Brisbane City
So the first day, only Ma woke up early. real early like 3 am Malaysia time. 5 am Aussie time. Haha. And we woke up hours later. So we just had a walk in Brisbane. Queens Street. I did little shopping . Hee. :D And the place is lovely. CANTIK. (: So we did lotsa snap3. And of course, SOUVI SHOPPING. :D

At night, Anty Su's friend treated us with Krispy Kream Doughnuts! SWEEEET! :D

And we went home by the City Cat. :D Cruise!

Day 2 Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast
I LOVED MOVIE WORLD! :D The rides was amazing. They got this super technology in their rides. Haha. The rides turned us around-round-round and they got lasers and super lights while we were in the dark and it was like, you'll never know what the ride will do to you! Ahaha. I simply just loved it! My personal favourite was the Scooby Doo, Lethal Weapon, Batman Ride with Papa and of course, the family Wild Wild West that made us all soaking wet! x) And there were plenty of shows. I LOVED the Stunt Driver! :D

lethal weapon! :D

stunt driver! awesome!

After a AWESOME day, we went to Papa's relative's. He cooked homemade Cappathi! Better than the Mamak's. Haha. And his wife cooked lamb and salmon. Yummy! :D And ohh, another half-kilo. :D

Day 3 Sea World, Gold Coast
Ohh well, this day started off kinda slowwww. Like reaal slowww. "-.- We woke up a little late. Anty Su made pizza. And we brought it along, hoping for an evening picnic. Yeah, and my sis forgot to bring her DSLR. So it was a bad mood start. And my contact lense was torn at the sides, so I had to wear Nana's specs. Cause I forgot to bring mine. And there were construction in most part. Lotsa show, less rides. BUT, THE RIDE WAS AWESOMEEEE. (: Me, nana and yaya went on Jet Rescue and the Roller Coaster first. Me and Nana took the front most seat. And before it started we were like, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?? But, IT WAS GRR-REATTT! :D And, we manage to have another round of Jet Rescue, with Papa! :D We literally pulled him. :D The Jet Rescue was like riding a real Jet Ski, but on air. Ahaha.

There was no picnic. Haha. We just ate in the car. and went straight back to Brisbane, for a dinner at Uncle Nazri's. Great cooking again, another half-kilo. :D Ohh yea, after that, we went to Mount Cootha, Brisbane's Look Out Point. BEAUTIFUL! and cold. :D

Day 4 Shopping at DFO
It was half-year clearance. So for shopping lovers, it was paradise. ;) The stuff were damn cheap and we were there the whole day, spending the dollars. :D

Day 5 Botanical Park and Picnic
Papa was soooo eager to go Botanical park. Not shocking, he's a lecturer in architecture and an architect. But ended up, we all loved the place. Beautiful and refreshing. Then, Pa drove us to Chandler, to meet he's old schoolmate Uncle Nik who's a Surgeon in Aussie. But he wasn't home. But his house was an estate. Haha. Complete with swimming pool and tennis court. After that, we went to Redcliffe I guess. Mama's friend, Anty Zaini and her husband cooked for us. Plus half-kilo. :D And snap more pictures. Visited Queensland University. And ready to head back to Malaysia.

Sunday 20 June 2010 :
Arrive at KLIA at 5.20am, had father's day breakfast at nenek's and back to JB.

So that was how my holiday was spent with my happy happy family. :D

p/s : sorry for the long post. i tried to cut it short while letting you enjoy it. :D ohh yea, plus 3 kilos in one week. "-.- fat fat fat. :D

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I Miss . . .

I'm still in Brisbane and I miss blogging!!
Be arriving in Malaysia early morning on Sunday.
It's great here. But I kinda miss Malaysia already.
I'll blog about my long week soon. (:

p/s : i miss you.

Up Up and Awayyy

Today, I'll be going to Khazanah's Camp.
And after that to a one week holidays.
So, I'll blog about it later. (:
Bye bye bye. :D

Have You Ever?

Head held up high.
Kept on smiled.
Everything's okay.
Walked away.

Have you ever done that?

Me? Always.

I don't know what is wrong.
It's hard to eplain.
But it doesn't feel good.

So Imma do it again now.

Head up high.
Smile smile smile.
I'm okay.
Walk away.

Secretly cry.

France Awaits You

I really wanted to join you in KLIA, Jani.
But then, time doesnt really permit. I'm in JB.
However, I do wish you all well from here.
I'll take care of your 'kawan' okay?
Ahaha. I looked through his sister's pictures.
He going away, smartly dressed, to France, already.
It made me secretly anticipate my turn.
But now it's no more a secret. Haha!
And that, will be two more years.
Be patient Syiqa. (:
Jani, have fun and take care.
I'll be praying for you, in fact, for all of us.
Never forget, amigos para sempre.

p/s : when my time comes, i hope you'll be there. and i hope he'll be there too. im prayin for us, dude. (: for us and US.

Happy Comes When You're Around

It was KYS Sports Day. At first I was soooo lazy to go. But then, suddenly so many of my batchmates were going, so I figured, why not? Plus, I do miss someone. Haha. So, as usual, took a bus, but this time with Nadzrif, to Melaka. We arrived at noon, so we took another bus, to Mahkota Parade. Haha.

Lunch time! Macha joined us. He's a Melaka boy. Haha. He came with his bike. Then he said, he wanted to bring his car, BUT he doesnt have license. So, apa lagi. I said, "I'll drive!". Haha. But, the thing is, I had to ride his bike with him to his house. OMG. I've not ride a bike since like, 5 years old? Huu. Hell yeah I was scared. But we made it! Haha.

Second challenge, THE CAR! Haha. It was a Wira. Very lowered one. At first, I couldnt move the gears. And we finally found out, we forgot to unlock the gears. And that's after a few calls made to the car owner, Macha's brother. Haha. And when I said GEARS, i meant IT IS A MANUAL CAR! Haha. Damn excited weyh! And hell yeah, I liked that car! No kidding! That car handsome gilaa! Bunyi macam racing! Haha. Then, I did some shopshop and watched Prince of Persia. By the way, it's a WATCH WATCH WATCH MUST WATCH!

Then, that night, we hang out. Watched THE SAME MOVIE I WATCHED THAT EVENING! "-.- Rizham sponsored my tickets. So, I slept all the way. Ahaha. Off to bed at 4 am. Woke up at 7. And get ready for Sports Day!!

Had to say it was a damn hot day. Huu. But I had fun, snapping pictures with Pa's DSLR. Meeting up with juniors. And him. Yeah. And teachers. Haha. It was just so fun. Idk how to explain what was actually the fun. But, the smile on my face lasted until the end of the event.

my girlfriends ^_^

I'm a Hussein House member. Sports Day is not so much of our event. Rahman won overall and marching. But we managed to grab the Best Deco.

hussein house (:

It was a great day. I had a great time. Need prove? I arrive at JB around 6.30pm. Slept at 7pm. Didn't woke up untill 8.30am the next day. Haha.

p/s: i don't know when we'll meet again. But coming to Melaka to meet you was worth it. (: