Reality Check

Been away from home for two weeks.
All those Khazanah programmes.
Gosh, getting their money aint that easy.
I forgot how to blog. It has been a long time since the last one.
So, Imma crap like nobody cares.
Read through it. It might be uncrappy.

The Fun Stuff We Had

Karok. Play pool. Go spa. Comfy hotel room. Great food!

The Serious Stuff I Enjoyed

Discovering who I am. Kokology. Chasing my dream. Sharing session with Mr Wahab. Federal Constituition. Understanding GLC.

Some Stuff I'd Love to Share

John Godart : World's Greatest Dream Achiever
You need to know what you have, to know what you can do.
Stop creating masks, show yourself.
Stand for what you think is right.
Our life is so monotonous; put them in graphs, we are dead.
DISC profiling.
To most of us, the spirit is willing but the body is weak.
You have a lot of conversation inside you. Know them.
Visualize your dream, as though you're already there.
The 3 F : Focus, Flexible, Fast.

The supremecy of the constitution.
We have fundamental liberties. Go check the constitution.
We don't exercise our rights enough.
Politics means gaining power and influence.
There are politics in our education.
There are no such thing as sensitive issues, only sensitive people.
Make a stand, voice out your opinions. Decide.
Start thinking about our country.
We are the future leaders. Trust me, it's no joke.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Rule of Law, not Rule by Law.
Audi Alterem Partem. Here the other side.
No man can be a judge of his own course.
Film called "Gadoh". Watch it. Understand it. It's reality.

Well, that's the summary of some things I've got.
Only some though. It was a great course.
Try reading the Federal Constitution. It's not crap.

To end it up,
Dudes, the future lies in our hands.
Are we on the right track?