News from Lembah Beringin

Orientation week has been a hectic one. So I don't quite have much time for blogging. Though I could say that the internet connection is not so sucky here. Anyway, I wake up at 5.50 everyday and sleep around 12 something, and that is right after all the activities end. So, this would be my first KY post.

Surprisingly, I took lotsa time to adapt to this place. It wasn't as easy as I thought. I am missing home and family. And I am trying real hard to adapt. Well, I guess that was because the orientation started off quite frustratingly sucky. But now, I'm happy to say that I am fine and better.

Friends here are cool. It's amazing how different people are. Everybody has a different character. So I'm still trying to get use with the crowd. I guess that's going on pretty great.

Sports was damn fun. Well, yeah, I do love sports. So I like it. It's like my only way to release stress here. But I don't know what will happen when classes starts. If we will have anymore time to play games. and if there's anybody willing to play together.

We are now busy preparing for two events fully handled by us, the Batch 13. I am enjoying the pressure and busyness. But I do miss home a lot. But I guess with friends here, they never failed making me happy. I've not been so hyper with my new friends like I am with my other friends. Still taking some time before being who I really am. Plus, orientation is tiring. =.=

Well, KY food is damn good and free. So I think I may gain some weight. :0 And that is if I finally decided to give up on sports here. And the chalet is very comfortable for me. And my chalet mates are all awesome people. I love being in Sapphire House. And the seniors are cool too. There are a few seniors that I find a little bit afraid to talk to. But maybe it's still early. I'll get over it.

Other than that, life is cool. Everybody is soooo good here. Not much of nerds. Yeah, no nerds at all. But everyone has great communication skills. I'm trying to keep up. And everyone is fun fun fun! :D

I'll adapt totally soon. And when that time comes. Imma enjoy this place to the fullest! (: That's all for now. Adios.


Lisa Amani said...

Go sapphire!!! =)