Two Weeks Had Passed

Friends in KY are all awesome people. I like my batchmates. But I don't understand why I still find it hard to adapt. man, two weeks had passed. I'm still having up and down mood swings and I'm hating it. Haihh. I miss home. Surprisingly I am missing my two little annoying loud adik and their endless night fights. ):

Well, we did a lot of stuff this two weeks. But the most major event we handled was BA for Batch 12. I was pretty nervous at first, but the BA turned out to be awesomeeenesss! :D I would love the picture to do the talking, but my phone was out of battery that night. My friends did took some pictures though. I'll attach it towards the end.

Classes are good so far. I'm taking Double Math, Econs and Accounts. Econs and Accounts turned out to be English version of SPM. Haha. But that's after only 3 classes la. Taktaulah if it gets worst. But insyaAllah I'll go through it with strength.

Well, for now, that's it. Let the pics do the talk. :D

puan su and us :D

my room (:

my induction group !

megat !

we sang Sempurna for BA

my friends; haniesha nasif and izzat

p/s : i miss Aristocrats damn much. really. ;(


adam said...

cantiknya bilik :)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

HAHA. ni perli apa?