Coping with Classes

6 blocks : Further Math Applied . Further Math Pure . Economics . Accounting . IELTS . ICT .

Classes can be really tiring everyday, but Alhamdulillah I find it fun so far. Obviously, I'm trying to take lighter subjects so I could focus more on getting A*s (gila cita-cita tinggi melangit). And of course so I have time for my SAT preparation which so far, I'll be doing on my own. Doubts? Uncertainty? Considerations? Definitely. I've been thinking how the hell did I ended up in here; juggling A Levels with SAT with compressed ECA and hectic lifestyle? Most of the time, I panicked and wondered "why the hell man? crazy much?". But then, I stopped and looked back, I made a choice and I had faith in myself that I could go through this successfully. And I'm here to be a better individual. The panic quickly subside. (macam karangan lak "-__-)

True enough this place is like home of geniuses. (serious weyh) I'm not sure whether I'm be included in that category. My inferior says I'm not. I sit next to geniuses in Math class that's for sure (Mozek and Izzat. Bloody fast Math solver) . I even double considered whether or not I should take actuarial. These people make me feel like I'm a bit left behind. Well, however, they are my closest friends here. I'm trying to push myself to be on par. Well, I guess that's gonna need much time.

Generally, I love it here. The study ambiance is great. It's a well mix of competitiveness and support. Now, I just have to reassure myself that I've made the right choice.

Btw, Cultural Performance 2010 was a great show and part of me is missing the hectics, part of me feel much relieved. I do miss spending time with the whole batch preparing for it. I guess there would be no more of that after this. House events would be filling the calendar. Go Sapphire! :D

Well, no pics for this post coz I'm actually in ICT class right now. But I could probably just add it later on. My blogging mood is descending pretty badly. I shall find time to get 'em back. Till then, toodles~

:D Happy Ramadhan to all.