Look around. People are changing.
The quiet talks more now.
The short grew taller.
The kid now mature.
The child now a stranger.

PARENTS. They went through a lot just to raise us.
And naturally, knowing it or not, sometimes we make it harder.
We started off clinging on to them, very close.
We cried if they leave us or let us go.
Then we met our friends at school,
So we play more with friends than them.
We grow older and lock ourselves in our rooms,
or nowadays we block them from our facebook, privacy we say.
Then we went through love and breakups,
And we tell them not a single thing.
Leaving them clueless.
Then we wanted a driving license,
So we asked for their money to get one,
And when we've had it,
We drive anywhere we want, anytime,
Leaving home more often while our parents secretly pray,
Ohh please bring my child back home.

Keredhaan Allah terletak pada keredhaan ibu bapa,
Kemurkaan Allah terletak pada kemurkaan ibu bapa.
[Hadis Sahih]

Do we still remember them?
Or are we now sinking in the pleasures of the world,
Forgetting that there is one thing that's important.
Taat kepada ibu bapa, selagi tidak melibatkan maksiat.
Jangan biarkan mereka bersedih kerana kita.

"Dan setiap umat mempunyai ajal dan batas waktu.
Apabila ajalnya tiba, mereka tidak dapat meminta penangguhan
atau percepatan sesaat pun."

Do we want to wait until it's too late?
For we know not when we will leave this world.

My papa always say,
"Come back to basics,"
And for me, that means come back to where we come from;
Allah, our creator. And Family.
Ya Allah, please guide me.

Beruntungnya kita masih ada ibu bapa,
Sangat ruginya kalau kita lupa kewujudan mereka.
Minta dijauhi.