Requested Post :D

Ada orang ni suro update blog
pasal raya and homeworks. :D

Well, raya this year was kurang meriah compared to the years before. Mama went to Aussie for work during 3rd day of Eid. Only had one day with cousins. Less duit raya. But that doesnt matter much. Less eating. Tak selera entah kenapa.

Soooo, raya this year a bit bersederhana. But I take that as a good thing. Buat apa belanja banyak kan. But ramadhan was really great Alhamdulillah. It's the most meaningful Ramadhan ever. It's one month that changed me. Syukur Ya Allah.

Homeworks? Well, I don't have much. So, not much to talk about it. Only that one interesting Pure Math quest, still stuck cause I dont know how to do it. Haha. But I'll think about it tonight. Ohhh and I haven't sew Sapphire's kain for boria. Daymmnnn. :D

Going back to college today. Hopefully what I attain from this year's Ramadhan will remain. InsyaAllah.

the roses :D

papa and his princess :)

mama and yaya

the happy family! :DD

from the nenek+atok to the cucu(s) :P

Okayh! KY is waiting. Toodles~