Life At A Different Perspective

Are you satisfied with life?
Is that just it?
Is it enough that there's love, there's friends, there's laughters and smiles.
Seek inside your heart, is there an emptiness that could be filled?
Or is it enough that your life just remain the same way?

Try to think and ask yourself,
What if there's a change I could make?
Will my life be better?

There was time when changes came too fast,
I knew it' was right but I feel so bad,
I questioned,
Why me? Why is this happening?
I panicked. I thought, ohh, now what?
My mind was a mess.
My heart was hurting, tearing itself apart.

But if only you take a little time to see,
To view life from a wider perspective.

Then I realized,

He made this happen,
He knows what is best.
I suddenly felt,
That it was the best feeling I ever had.
It is happiness, like never before.

I looked back smiling,
Grateful that I took that little time.

Think. Think about life.
I'm sure there's space,
To make a change for the better,
A change we'll never regret.


Cik Ubi said...

pidato ke hape?..hehe

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

dakwah. (:
heheh. takdelah.
sharing with the hope that it will bring positive effects.