Little Little Things

I woke up early to study SAT after Subuh. So I was reading the SAT essay question.

"Can the daily actions of average people have a significant impact on the course of history?"

It's subjective. There's no wrong answer.
I thought of how I should tackle the questions.
I'm a novice you see. So I just surf the net for info.
Then came out the name of these unknown people.
For me their unknown, I don't know about you.
Rosa Parks, Frank Will, and MaryBeth Tinker.
They made changes just by simple actions.

Then suddenly I remembered what a friend said to me.
"Walaupun ilmu agama kita tak banyak and we have inferior compared to other people yang lebih banyak ilmunya. Kita kena jugak memberi peringatan kepada orang lain. Sekadar menyampaikan ilmu yang kita ada. Tak payah tunggu dah jadi sangat baik baru nak berdakwah."

And what Kak KD said during ISK.
"Bukan berapa banyak yang kita tahu yang jadi ukuran. Tapi bagaimana kita amalkan apa yang kita tahu itu walaupun sedikit. Macam Sumaiyah. Nak bandingkan dengan kita, sikit je pengetahuan dia tentang Islam. Tapi pengorbanan dia untuk Islam melebihi kita yang dah berbelas tahun belajar Islam."

What I wanna relate to this issue is that, if everyone thinks their too small to make a change, then nothing is going to change. So it is important for us, average people, to believe that we can make a change or create history. Because every little good things we do, insyaAllah, will bring huge impact for others and ourselves.

"Hai orang-orang yang berselimut.
Bangunlah dan berilah peringatan!
Dan Tuhanmu Agungkanlah.
Dan pakaianmu bersihkanlah."
Al Mudassir 1-4