Thank You Jessy

Your note.
Long and sincere.
Expressing your problems.
Seeking advice.

So I gave you one.
Like how I used to.
Always, just like you had and will do for me.

And just like that.
I remembered.
How strong I used to be.

Thank you my dear friend.

Because you remembered me,
I remember myself.

Mistakes gave me strength. Friends remind me of those strength I have.
And you gave me both.


adam said...

makin banyak poem sekarang hahaha
nice nice (:

jessica leong said...

praise the Lord dear, for He knows best. take care syg :)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

adam : heheh. it's my best way of expressin my feelins. short and precise. (:

jessy : true enough. everything comes from HIM.