see. they're just perfect.

Woke up this morning to mama's voice at the dining table with nenek. Like grandma, like ma, like me. Noisy. (: Then I thought about Pa, who's now miles away in Vegas. The all time cool guy. He never worry, always calm. How in contrast Pa is to Ma. But they still love each other sooooo much. Yet they're different.

Then, we talked. About a lot of things, while Ma packs her bags, getting ready to go to Washington today. Ma talked about Yaya and Nana, and how Nana said she shouldn't put pressure on her kids. And Ma said, "and what will happen to all of you without the pressure? without MY pressure?". True. because Pa NEVER pressure us. Pa pamper us I guess. He's strict in his own way. But he pampers me, that I know. x)

If I'm scared for my exam is tomorrow. Call;
Ma : Dah study semua kan? Huh? Belum. Ok, study dulu. Do your best, check your answers. Jangan careless kay?

Pa : Relax...... Go get some sleep. You'll do fine. I did the same years ago. :D

THAT different. Haha.
But those differences, raised us into who we are today.
And I'm proud of me. So I'm proud of them.

Together, they're perfect.

Balanced. That's it.
All they did was the best for us.
Allahuakbar, He knows the best.
Alhamdulillah, that best was what I get.

Nobody is perfect. But together, we could be.


adam said...

lalala.saje singgah sini kejap. haha :)

fye said...

I like the line "and what will happen to all of you without the pressure? without MY pressure?"

That's so real. :)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

adam : singgah le. lame tak dgr cerita. haha

fye : because that was exactly what she said! haha.