Kid Again

Princess. Heheh. Comel kan comel kan?
Ni tade keje namenye. :D

Many had said to me, "Rose, grow up la!". That made me thought, "Am I too childish?". Well, I agree, we have to grow up, many decision have to be made everyday.

2 years old;
"Ma.. I'm a princess!"
I wanted to be a princess.
Live in a castle happily ever after with her prince.
What's a princess?
She's that pretty happy girl in that castle.

I'm 18 years 5 months and 8 days;
What's your major?
Actuarial Science.
What's that?
Actuarial Science is .......... lengthy explaination
Ohh. Oh. Emm. Ok. Why? Where? Why there? Bla Bla Bla?

Isn't that tiring?
Obviously, it is.

I still wanna be a princess. (:
I liked it when I was a kid
I've grown up now. I do think like a grown up. seriously owh
I just want a break, to feel like I'm a kid again.
Is that wrong?

I know I have responsibilities,
as a muslim, as a child,
as a sister, as a human being.

But pretty please,
let me be me. :D


I liked the creative fair.
I had so much fun. :D

I needed a break. So did you. Those paintings were awesome.


reminder said...

Ur 2 year old ambition will come true, trust me :D

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

hahaha. really? well, i believe i still am a princess. :P ma calls me princess! that counted? haha.

Anonymous said...

i mean the castle part.. :D