Last week of school. I've planned to do so many things in this last few days. Wanna make the last week of my first sem fun! So on friday, I went to KL for CSR with Yayasan Khazanah. But the night before, I had a terrible stomach ache. Went to Klinik Tg Malim. But the doctor is not good. So, friday night, Suffian drove me and Nadia to Damansara Specialist Hospital. Bla bla bla bla.....


Surgery on saturday and MC for the whole week. Ohh dear, I'm so bored. But what can I do.

To those who visited, including my close friends, Megat, Nadia, Suffian, Yew Wing and Muzakkir and his sis, I really really appreciate it. You guys are the best. We will have more fun when all this pain is over k.

Sincerely, I love you guys.

Me, 22Nov2010
Damansara Specialist Hospital

happy birthday my soul sister. sorry i can't be there.


Anonymous said...

No worries, she got ur cake :D

Anonymous said...

oh no wonder i havent seen u for a while~

may Allah bless u wif heppiness XD
get well soon~ more r missing u, especially 'sumone' hek3

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

thanx safuan. (: