Happy Comes When You're Around

It was KYS Sports Day. At first I was soooo lazy to go. But then, suddenly so many of my batchmates were going, so I figured, why not? Plus, I do miss someone. Haha. So, as usual, took a bus, but this time with Nadzrif, to Melaka. We arrived at noon, so we took another bus, to Mahkota Parade. Haha.

Lunch time! Macha joined us. He's a Melaka boy. Haha. He came with his bike. Then he said, he wanted to bring his car, BUT he doesnt have license. So, apa lagi. I said, "I'll drive!". Haha. But, the thing is, I had to ride his bike with him to his house. OMG. I've not ride a bike since like, 5 years old? Huu. Hell yeah I was scared. But we made it! Haha.

Second challenge, THE CAR! Haha. It was a Wira. Very lowered one. At first, I couldnt move the gears. And we finally found out, we forgot to unlock the gears. And that's after a few calls made to the car owner, Macha's brother. Haha. And when I said GEARS, i meant IT IS A MANUAL CAR! Haha. Damn excited weyh! And hell yeah, I liked that car! No kidding! That car handsome gilaa! Bunyi macam racing! Haha. Then, I did some shopshop and watched Prince of Persia. By the way, it's a WATCH WATCH WATCH MUST WATCH!

Then, that night, we hang out. Watched THE SAME MOVIE I WATCHED THAT EVENING! "-.- Rizham sponsored my tickets. So, I slept all the way. Ahaha. Off to bed at 4 am. Woke up at 7. And get ready for Sports Day!!

Had to say it was a damn hot day. Huu. But I had fun, snapping pictures with Pa's DSLR. Meeting up with juniors. And him. Yeah. And teachers. Haha. It was just so fun. Idk how to explain what was actually the fun. But, the smile on my face lasted until the end of the event.

my girlfriends ^_^

I'm a Hussein House member. Sports Day is not so much of our event. Rahman won overall and marching. But we managed to grab the Best Deco.

hussein house (:

It was a great day. I had a great time. Need prove? I arrive at JB around 6.30pm. Slept at 7pm. Didn't woke up untill 8.30am the next day. Haha.

p/s: i don't know when we'll meet again. But coming to Melaka to meet you was worth it. (: