France Awaits You

I really wanted to join you in KLIA, Jani.
But then, time doesnt really permit. I'm in JB.
However, I do wish you all well from here.
I'll take care of your 'kawan' okay?
Ahaha. I looked through his sister's pictures.
He going away, smartly dressed, to France, already.
It made me secretly anticipate my turn.
But now it's no more a secret. Haha!
And that, will be two more years.
Be patient Syiqa. (:
Jani, have fun and take care.
I'll be praying for you, in fact, for all of us.
Never forget, amigos para sempre.

p/s : when my time comes, i hope you'll be there. and i hope he'll be there too. im prayin for us, dude. (: for us and US.