Iron Man 2

Ahah! Finally I have the time to update my dear blog. Well, I've been busy these few days. Travelling around KL. But of course, I would not want to miss Iron Man 2! So I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya for the show, with my elder sis, my friend Huwaina and her lil bro.

Funny, the movie was delayed for 15 minutes, and, when we came in 15 minutes later, nothing was on the screen, not even advertisements, and then suddenly, at 6.20 like that, there were advertisements.  So, it started quite late, at 6.30 something. 

Basically, I like the technologies featured in the movie. It was so cool. How he can drag the hologram or what-so-ever it is. Heheh. I like cool stuff, and of course, love action. So, I enjoyed the entire show! Must watch must watch!

Movie ended at 8.30 something, and we went back. Tired!

me and huwaina after the movie
sweet kan our baju. xP