babe, its your birthday!

date : 11 may 2010

leela's birthdayyyyy!!!!

she has planned her birthday weeks before. haha.
"rose, make sure 11 may free tau. gi pyramid!"
ahahaha. i'm supposed to be working.
but for my bestie, i took a day off.
well, i do miss her. and, it's her birthday.
why not?

and i did not regret it at all!
we didn't do much,
but the fun was undescribable.
we had lunch at tgi,
ice skating,
shopping for leela's present,
and back home.

the lunch was great!
leela had to stand on the chair,
and sing, and give a speech,
and it's sooo funny.

tgi fridays

urgh. byknya kek! haha

the ice skating was superb!
it was leela's idea!
and end up,
she hated it!
ahaha. i fell a few times,
wet my clothes,
worth the pain and money. x)

ice skating!!

i love her <3

fahmi is going to france soon.

shopping with leela, annoying!
ahaha.she pulled us to forever 21.
haha. she wanted a hoody soooo much.
guess what? rm150!
haha. but nice hoody. really.
so, what we did? we tong-tong la.
ahaha. leela even payed her part too. 
she got her prezie.
and she love it!

ohh yea, we met iz. he looks happier now. i guess he is.