Life Histories

I wouldn't say a had a bad childhood; it was superb.
I wouldn't say school was no fun; it was amazing.
But regardless of that, I did had plenty hard times.
And those hard times that I'll never forget,
Is the hard times that lasts forever.

Despite having little problem in studies,
It doesn't mean school would be so easy.
Particularly; High School.
Yeah, High School was damn tough.
Being in a school with a maximum of 300 students yearly,
Everyone knows everyone.
Do a mistake, the whole school knows.
And that's what I dumbly did; mistakes.
Lots of 'em.

You know histories of your life, would just stick in your mind.
It's about yourself. How could you forget?
But it is most frustrating when people can't let it go either.
I can proudly say I've trashed my histories away.
I'm a new me.
But not everybody gives second chances.

What should I do then?
Be it! Be it that people think whatever they think.
I am happy now. Yes I am. Truly.
And I'm not going back there.
When the wound is still bleeding,
I'm not gonna cut it deeper.
Let me be who I am today.
I'm happy.
Histories, just go away.


E-ZuDiN said...

Exactly. Leave the past and move to the future

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

Thanx dude. (:
Such a supportive friend i have.

fye said...

But no doubts mistakes give the best basics of life :)

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

exactly fye!
evrything happens for a reason.
i might not be who i am today without em. (: