It's A Miracle

I can play badminton! Like seriously! It's a miracle! Weeeee~~
I never knew I could. But hey, I can!
Lets dance! *turns on music, dance like crazy*
Ahahahahaha. It's just so fascinating you see.
Since I badly played badminton when I was young
That game, is a big NO NO NO to me. NO MORE BADMINTON!
I thought I just couldn't! Urgh.

Suddenly I felt like playing yesterday. So I did!
And guess what, I HIT THE DAMN BALL! not the air. hehe. ^_^
I HIT THE BALL! *clap clap clap*
ROSE HIT THE BALL! *clap clap clap*
GO ROSE GO! *clap clap clap*
Ahahaha. I'm damn excited! Imma play again and again.
Yeeeehaaa! Badminton badminton,
I don't love you but I know you love me. <3
*wink wink* its making me crazayyy.
Ahaha. Okay that's it. It's a miracle isn't it?
Heeeeeee. :D

p/s : this is a big accomplishment for me. pretty please give your support. (:


E-ZuDiN said...

haha, u deserve a gratitude for such accomplishment! Congratulation!

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

yeayy! thank u thank u sooo much! (: