Their Sweet Sweet Story

There was a pretty girl named Linda, she was from TKC. She was going to USA for her degree at an early age, 17 or 18, I couldn't remember. And at the airport, Linda and her mother met a handsome guy named Hamdan, also flying to USA, and going to the same uni. Linda's mother told him to take care of Linda. And so he did. until now. until forever. (: Alhamdulillah.

They're my parents, my beloved parents. They're not just great together, they're better when we all came along; nana, me, yaya and arash. They're just the best that we couldn't ask for anything more.

Papa, mama, I will always remember this story (: Because it was the start of the Hamdan + Linda family. It was the start of us.


Safe journey for your 22nd honeymoon. (:
I'll take care of yaya and arash, no worries.

I Love You, Both.

credits to kakak nana, our family's best photographer. (:

p/s : *muahmuahmuah*