Art of Driving

klac, brek, minyak. Haih. Banyaknye pedal!!

I go to driving class skali with my bestie, Nina. But her house is in uda and mine in tampoi. So, when Lesen L da siap, we go separately. Masalahnye, the place tak amek student at tampoi. But they can pick up at Kip Mart. So, I have to walk there. But Papa tak bagi. So I called them and ask them to pick me at Affin Bank dekat rumah. They say, ok, 1 pm!

12.55 pm ~ I went out of my house
1.00 pm ~ Arrive at Affin Bank
1.05 pm ~ No sign of the kereta kancil of that driving institute, so I went 'ngeteh'. Haha
1.15 pm ~ Back to Affin Bank
1.25 pm ~ Called the driving institute
1.55 pm ~ Called again
2.15 pm ~ Called again
2.40 pm ~ Finally.

Haih. lambat betol! I signed in and then, waited for 5 mins, they called me. Then I got a number and must wait for my turn. Then the lady ask me to join sorang abang yg tengah blaja jugak. So I sat beside that abang while he drive the car in the circuit. Abg tu kata, "Kena pusing litar ni 3 kali". So we kenal2 and borak2 and abes la 3 rounds. My turn. But abg tu nak balik dah. But the teacher mengabaikan I. So, he said, "takpela, abg teman dulu". So we went.

Nak naik bukit, tiba2 enjin mati pulak. Haiyo! Ramai orang tunggu turn kat blakang tu. Cikgu kat blakang dah hon2. I panicked. Then that abg la yg tolong aja. Mati enjin ada la dekat 5 times. Haih. Then, 2nd round. Again, abg tu nak balik. Tp the teacher is nowhere in sight. So, he said, "One more la abg teman". Then the 2nd round was better. Pastu, I parked coz abg tu nak balik kan. Haha. But the teacher kata, "Awak teman la dye lg satu je round". Terpaksalah dye teman. Haha. He was really friendly and kind. Baik sgt and very patient with my kelam-kabutness. Haha. After that, he went home. Don't know his name. Haha. Thank you anyway.

Then, Mr Azizul brought me to Jalan Raya A. Nonono, I drive him through that route. Aaaaa!! Scary nyee! I mean, real life driving. Dengan fast cars. Huu. Mati enjin 2 times. kesian kereta2 lain. Haha. Ada at one traffic light ni, I was at the front, and I missed the green light, twice! Haha. Sebab kereta tak gerak. Haha.

Conclusion from Mr Azizul,
Awak ni kelam kabut la.

Sokay cikgu. Nanti saya improve k? Heheh.

6.30 pm ~ Arrive home. Tu pon kena jalan kaki from Kip Mart. Haha.


.firdaus. said...

kelam kabut? haha. i've got the same remark too ohh. rose, i pon tkut jgk dat bukit test. enjin mati. haha.

Asyiqah Hamdan said...

hahaha...i tak cukup dengan enjin mati, i stop tak gerak2 n smue org hon kat blakang..hahaha..