CNY Holidays

Wow! This is a very late and long postponed post due to laziness!

During CNY Holidays, I actually balik kampung! After a long time tak balik. My mum was on duty at London at my elder sister decided to stay at UTP. =( So, there were only four of us. But we had absolute great time!

in the car

We departed from JB on Saturday around 10 in the morning. On the way to Pahang we, we stopped at many places. My dad likes to take pictures of buildings. He's an architect. But we mainly stop to fill our tummy! =)

We stopped at Mersing Jetty to eat lunch at 3.30 pm.

pa at the jetty

Then, we continued our journey, and stopped at Mak Ngah's house at Nenasi. She wasn't feeling well. She could barely walk. We had some drinks and then proceed heading to Kuantan. We stopped to buy some pineapples.

Haha. Along the way, many trees and land was on fire. It was very hot. The firemen was trying to put off the fire.
firemen putting off the fire

Then, we stopped at Pekan, there was a Cendol stall. YUMMY!

Pa ordered one extra. Maybe he missed Mama. xP


yum yum!!

arash sgt lapar! second bowl!

5 empty bowls! =D

After that, we drove straight to Mak Itam's house. She's not dark-skinned. I don't know how she got the name. Hehe. There, we met up with Mak Teh and Pak Teh. We are not gonna sleep at Kampung actually. Cause Mak Teh used to stay there but now she have a new house. So then, we went to Mak Teh's house, before we search for a place to have dinner.

Exhausted, sleep.

The next day, just went to two kenduri. The first one was at lunch hour. After that, I slept for two hours! Then, at 8.30, I woke up and realised I was late. We had to go for another kenduri. After that Kenduri, I slept again! And didn't realised that the others went out for shopping while I was asleep. =D

Next morning, packed up, and went home. =D

in the car

Everything was fine and fun. =D But it'll surely be better with Ma and Na around.