Get Up Kids! Fitness Time!

Never in my whole life I thought I will be a coach! Haha! well, it started like this. Was joking with Yaya about joining her netball training because I'm super bored at home, and guess what? The school called and told me to coach the netball team! For a day. Haha. Cause their tournament was just the day after.

So, I ride Yaya and Arash's school van to their school. Haha. Jakun kot. 5 years tak naik school van. Haha. So, here's the pict;

I reached there, Yaya brought me to the Bilik Guru where I met her teacher. After that, straight away we all start. Her teacher asked them to call me COACH! Haha. Cool huh? I was asked to do fitness with them. But seriously, they're so lembik. Haha. So can't do much. They didnt do it right. But some of them were good. Then, while doing shutter run, I got my first injured player. Haha. Maryam, GS second team. Terjatuh je actually. But she freaked and cried. Tp by the time finish training, she was fine. Haha.

the injured maryam

We started at 7.30 and ended at 10.30. Lama kan? Haha. Well, it was a great experience. I receive rm5 though I didnt ask for any. But I used that money to catch a cab home. Had fun. And sangat penat! That evening, packed my stuff, and I was off to KL. Goodluck Kids!

p/s: I miss playing netball with my friends. Really. =(

the netball capt ngn shooter

the team

penat train mereka.haha

the team.