Feeling The Same, Jessy =)

I read Jessy's blog, about how much she misses us. And I though, yeah, I feel the same. So, here it goes.


adek really miss how we can easily spend time together at kolej. how i cud just cry my heart out whenever i need you. and how simple it was cause i didn't have to tell you wen i was upset, u just know. and i missed our super fun time practising for performances. and how we used to fight over small stuff. then, we will be okay after just a while cause i will pujuk, cause only i can tahan with all ur perangai. haha. well, ur so far away now. i just want you to know i miss you a lot, abg. really.

it has been a long time since i last spoke to you. i remembered calling you, crying. and you reminded me that i have to focus on spm. =) yes, ur d study type kakak. heheh. but thats gud advice. and i did make it through. i actually remember how close we were, and then we kinda drift apart. u and ur responsibilities, and me growing up with a lot nonsense. but i do miss all that sis. wish to meet you soon. =)

u use to be really close. i meant just a few steps away before i can annoy u with my stories. haha. how u will always say, rose, jgn pk sgt ape org rase, kite kena pk diri sendiri jugak. haha. how u were always there for me at wutever time. how u will be by my side at my ups and downs. how we used to menggile at the field! haha. how i thought u how to swim, and u did it! heheh. u understand me at an instant cause we always feel the same way. and how we can just glance at each other, and laugh cause we know, we are both annoyed at that time, without having to say a word! haha. well wana, i hope we'll meet soon. btw, my stuff are still at ur house. =D

i rather speak malay with this gurlie. haha. aku sgt2 rindu kegilaan kau especially bile kau slalu ckp, "aku tau kau syg aku kn rose?" haha. aku nk deny tp aku tak reti tpu. so ckp je la, "ye..aku syg kau". haha. kau la kawan yg akan bg tau aku baek n buruk. bg kau, yg penting, kau ikhlas nk tlg aku. walaupun kau nye hati laen ngn aku, kau tetap memahami aku. sayang gile ah kau. dengan zaman2 netball yg sgt best. and outing yg aku tak penah jalan ngn org laen. haha. and bile kau teman aku shopping. haha. harap2 dpt jumpe kt sunway nnt k?

i can't deny that i really2 miss you. i'm the eldest at home now, with a really fragile, sensitive heart. sometimes i feel so stressed up, and i can't let my adek see me cry. so i have to hide under the pillow to cry my heart out. not as easy as if ur around. i remember i used to not care whether ur holding a book or already sleeping. i'll just come and cry. =D hee. and u'll wipe my tears away, remind me to be strong. i really miss you jess. i wish i cud tell u evrythin im feelin. but ur so far away now. =(

rindu sgt kegilaan kau. haha. i noe u always noe wen im sad or rly happy. yela, bedmate kn. i rly miss u t. i still rmember hw we used to push each other to study, then, reward ourselves with movie. =D and uv always been my doctor. i shud recommend u to scholarshp bodies. haha. wen i luke kaki tu, wen i had muscle cramps, wen i was sick, wen i had tummy aches. ur always there for me. dengan 100+ and botol2 ECPI kau. haha. i miss how u wud just tell me evrything about this guy, and then i'll get cnfuse wic guy. haha. i miss u babe.. the first thing i'll do wen i meet u, is hug u tight!

i still remember, "tebalkan muka, pekakkn telinga, and njoy je hdup!". haha. we have many memories together, mostly all crazy stuff. haha. well, i started off annoyed with u, but ended up close. i noe sumtyms i disagree wif wut u do, but we both noe that we are crazy teens excited to grow up. haha. thx for always bein there. and for teaching me hw to play guitar hero smpai ngantok. and bein with me at tears and joy. hee. miss u babe.

u noe i miss our time together ryt? all d fights at the studio, that actually brought us closer. i rmmberd how i can easily giv u a smile. now its quite hard kn? i rmmbered hw u used to make me laugh with ur acts. haha. and how we used to laugh together. and how u played the guitar for me. and sing a lot though u keep singing the same songs. haha. well arif, theres a lot more. but i'll be happier to let it stay in our mind. =)

akak rindu la spend time ngn awak. tengok awak maen guitar. haha. and tgkp gmbr poyo awak senyap2. haha. akak rndu gak borak2 ngn awk. lepak kat tgge kejayaan pstu kantoi ngn pak mus. haha. panggil awak ayam. haha. wlupon kite bru je rpt, akak rse mcm da lame. haha. well, c u soon adek.

akak tau kite da rpt dr syaf form one, tp akak yg slalu kerek. tp last yr was a great year. wlupon kite byk gado gk kn. akak rndu ah lepak ngn syaf, maen cabut tali kasut. haha. borak2 psl fmily. maen piano. haha. banyak la kn. harap2 we'll meet soon k?

well, evryone close to me knows that i care for many. so i can't list down everyone. but everyone has made my life better. tak kesa la yg mengutuk or yg tak penah kutuk.

i rly miss all of u. =)


jessica leong said...

auwh...huhu..adeyh..now i really understand y they say kuar klj xdela best sgt..btol3! sure suck with the m*n*g*m*nt around..but we were like metres apart..but, whatever it is, i have a feeling this freindship gonna last a long tyme!love u baby! this is good!