Khazanah 3rd Stage

Arrived at KL Pan Pacific Hotel around 7pm the night before the interview. Wahh, penat! Ate dinner at 10pm cause papa had to work first. Had a not so early sleep, hopefully prepared for the next day.

11 February 2010

Wahh! Malasnye nak bangun. But then have to go. So, woke up, solat, and mandi. Went for breakfast alone cause got one breakfast coupon only. Bosan. Haha. Ate a little sebab I was nervous. Then, I walked to Putra KTM Station to take a train to KL Sentral.

on the train and very nervous

Arrived at KL Sentral around 8.55am. No sign of my friends, so I walked across the street towards Plaza Sentral. On my way, Bryan ckp, he and Suffian kat McD. Haha. So I waited for them, and we went to Plaza Sentral together.

towards plaza sentral.

We headed to floor 25, suite 25-1. It was a nice and simple office. When we arrive, most of the candidates were there already. So there, I met a few new friends and my friends too:

Suffian Bryan Liong Nadia Amira (All from KYS), Syazwani (MRSM Taiping), Sabrina (STF), Haslina (SSP), Aizat, Izman and Aidil (SAS), Megat (SASER), Jeremy, Nazrin and Irsyad (Sains Alam Shah), and Ilman (KISAS).

They were great friends to begin with. very talkative, noisy and fun. Haha. Aidil was quite annoying because he could'nt stop mengejek me sebab we are going to be interviewed according to alphabatical order. And there were 17 of us. And, I was number 17. Haha. Sedeh kn? But Aidil was the first. Hahaha. He said he will name his child starting with letter Z. But he changed his mind sebab at 4.30, it was still not my turn yet. Haih. Puan Su, the YK Scholarship Manager appologized to me many times for the wait. They planned for the interview to end at 1.00pm at least. But Tan Sri Azman ambushed one of the panel, so there was a light delay.

Finally, at 6.30, it was my turn. The interview begins. Bismillahirrahmanirahim.

"Good news Sir, I'm the last candidate!", I said.
"Yeah. And I will try to be as excited as I was when I interviewed the first candidate." Dr Ikhmal replied before he struggled to look excited. Haha.

Well, as usual, Dr Ikhmal's first question to me was, tell me about yourself. So I start talking about where Im from, parents, hobby and the course I intend to take. Then I elaborate on the course part. Then he asked me to tell about my experience in school. Then, he said, "Anything else you wanna tell? Your achievements or anything?". Haha, I cant think of any achievement so I just added a few things about things I do at school. Then, he asked wether I have anything to ask. I asked about actuary in Khazanah. Well, thats about it.

Took a train to Mid Valley to meet Aiman Khalidah. She had been waitinfg for me since 5. Haha. Chatted, had a drink, and papa picked me up, before he drove us home. Reached home at 1.45 am, solat and immediately slept! Exhausted.

Oh yea, before I went off, Dr Ikhmal appologized for the long wait, he said, "Theres too many great people that I couldnt help but to know as much as I can about them". Haha. I said, "Nevermind sir, I understand, and I hope it is worth the wait".

Alhamdulillah, it is. =)