Weekend With Adek

5 years in boarding school had both made me further and closer to my adek2. Closer 'cause I finally feel that I miss them and do love them a lot though they are annoying at times, most of the time. Haha. Further 'cause I spend more time with friends that my adek2. So this long holidays, being the eldest sibling at home, I am responsible of taking care of them. Despite the fact that I have a bibik 'cause you know, bibik jage and sister jage is quite different. Haha. So we do spend time together. Talk about things and gelak and gelak and gelak. Haha. That's the fun part.

I have two adek, first is Yaya, 12. We mostly talk about Math (cause I'm tutoring her Math) and netball (cause she's being busy with netball trainings). Haha. Next is the lil' cutie in our family, the one and only hero (besides the hero of the world, papa), Arash, 8. Haha. This boy is sangat cute and annoying. a lil' like myself. Haha.

Last Sunday, Papa brought us all out, basically because Ma wants to shop. Heheh. But we had lunch outside as it was Bibik's day off. We went to Pasir Gudang, to have seafood. Sedap la jugak. Heheh. There, i met banyak3 kids. Cute! I really like kids. Heheh. And dalam kereta with my adek2, we laughed and nyanyi2 and had fun all the way! From home to Pasir Gudang to Jusco Tebrau City to home again! Haha.

Then, last night, Ma brought us to a postgrad sumtin dinner. I thought we will be with Ma. But then Ma sat at the VIP table so I had to jage my adek2 again. My dad pulak cannot make it cause he had to be at the Masjid (pengerusi la katakan..busy aje..heheh). I just realised how my adek2 actually needs their kakak to give them attention and I'm pretty sure I havent been able to do that cause SPM and all. =( Kesian adek I.

Well, I'm gonna use this SPM break to understand them better, and have fun3!!!


And sayang my elder sister NANA jugak..Hehe..=)